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Elite Model Look International  Elite Model Look 2018 is open ✨ Apply now 👇

"You have to do what you really enjoy. Don’t ever be swayed by others!" Do Byungwook, Elite Model Look Korea. Apply to the world's largest model contest in the bio link - tap us up now // @do_byungwook

Mayowa Nicholas, Elite Model Look Nigeria, for Mango by Josefina Andrés. Mayowa was discovered through the EML competition, and represented Nigeria at the World Final in 2014. Since, she has become a runway favourite, walking for Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Jeremy Scott and Maison Margiela. She has covered Vogue. Tap the bio link to apply to the EML contest and follow in Mayowa's steps 💫// @mayowanicholas @elitemodellooknigeria @mango @josefinaandres

"One day I want to be an artist, musician or painter. Or I would go into graphic design, somewhere you can earn some money. I kind of am a musician right now. I write songs since I started playing guitar when I was 16 or so." Serge Rigvava, Elite Model Look Austria, for Tom Ford Fall 2018. Tap the bio link and apply to EML and follow in Serge's steps 🎸// @sergerigvava @tomford @aks

"I’m loving all the fun pool accessories. I’ve totally got my eye on this wings float! I don’t really think that it will be comfortable to swim on it, but it will certainly put you in a good mood! Who doesn’t want to feel like an angel?" Alina Dementieva, Elite Model Look Ukraine, talks us through her summer wishlist on EliteModelLook.com. Tap the bio link to find out what Alina is coveting right now! 👠 // @alinadementieva @elite_prague @elite_bratislava

"Be humble, respectful and love. Live your life - not to achieve the most - but to your own comfort and peace." Milly Parry, Elite Model Look UK, by Tom Green. Explore the world of Elite on our dedicated model content platform in the bio link now // @millpaz @elite_london @tomgreenphoto

"My advice for people applying to the Elite Model Look competition is to stay yourself and to believe in your dreams!" Kim Schell, Elite Model Look France. Apply to the world's largest model contest now - tap the bio link for more // @kimschell @elitemodellookfrance

"Be and stay yourself, enjoy life and hobbies. Being yourself is one of the most important things in fashion!" Julien Breuskin, Elite Model Look Belux by Bettina Genten. Learn direct from the models - explore our online content platform in the bio link now, and apply to follow in their steps // @julienbreuskin @elitemodellookbelux @bettinagentenphotography @williamlhoest @hakimfelidj

"Follow your dreams, even when it seems completely impossible!" Mona Tougaard, Elite Model Look Denmark. Get regular updates from our online platform of dedicated model content - subscribe to our weekly newsletter by tapping the bio link now // @mona_tougaard
@elitemodellookdenmark @baumundpferdgarten @oliviarohde

"For me the highlight of doing fashion week is walking in the shows, I really love it! After, you can find pictures of the shows on Vogue Runway and it’s always a nice surprise to see what the photos look like! Also, I love meeting photographers at the end of every show. I can't get by without Google Maps for getting around new cities, and always pack my camera! I’m always looking for an unusual face, a special place or a meeting. Plus, my speaker, so I can listen to music everywhere." Rubens Guez, Elite Model Look France, shares his model guide to surviving fashion week. Read more on EliteModelLook.com, our digital platform for all things Elite model. This photo: Acne // @les.bouclettes @elite_paris @elitemodellookfrance @acnestudios

"I think Elite Model Look is a great experience for anyone. I loved every single day about the bootcamp, the shootings were great fun, making videos was an amazing experience and ok I agree the walk training was hard (and I didn’t even have to wear heels!) but with all the models, chaperones and everyone who was there everyday, it was very enjoyable.
After the Elite Model Look I went to Australia with a friend to get some time off. Because I was in the army before the contest there was not much time for holidays and I really enjoyed just relaxing and not doing much!" Yanis Isenring, EML Switzerland. The Elite Model Look Switzerland National Final will be held on 23 August! Follow @elitemodellookswitzerland for more // @yanisisenring @optionmodelagency

"Skateboarding is faster than walking, very convenient and so much fun! I even took my penny board to a Chanel show, took streetstyle pictures with it and skateboarded home! I also love bringing it to the airport with my carry on. You save so much time, instead of walking through those endless corridors, you just skate! The best place I ever skated? I think it has to be Moscow. The city is so beautiful, very flat and all the roads are new and smooth. I was having the time of my life there! In Spain, I've only been to La Coruna, it's great for skateboarding, especially along the beach promenade. My hometown is not the best because it's quite hilly and most of the roads are broken or uneven. But I found few places I like, for example a parking lot behind a local Tesco." Bara Podzimkova, Elite Model Look Czech Republic, chats about skateboarding on our website today - tap the bio link to read the full feature! // @barborapodzimkova @elite_prague

"Really listen to what people have to say, accept advice from others and be open minded." Adriana Cernanova, Elite Model Look Slovakia. Apply to join our family through our model contest - tap the bio link for more // @adrianacernanova @elite_bratislava

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