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Elisha Herbert  Australia Elite Models LA Tana@elitemodel.com Snapchat: eliishaxx Twitter: elishaherbert2 If you like dogs we can be friends

The beauty of South Africa is unfathomable, casually hanging out by the pool on the @rhinorescueproject private reserve in the middle of the wilderness, situated by a lake of hippos.. Renee was low key freaking out

SAVE THE RHINOS. When did humans decide that they were the most important species in the world? When did it become okay to murder species into extinction purely for greed and money. This photo was taken during a rhino horn infusion procedure- to poachers rhino horn is more valuable than gold but when the red dyed poison gets infused into the rhinos horns it becomes useless for them to sell. It’s so sad that conservationists like @vetpaw have no other option than to go to these extents to save rhinos from being poached. If we don’t save these babies they will become like dinosaurs to our children and the generations to come.HELP US SAVE THE RHINOS! Everyone can help. Spread awareness. You can donate with the link in my bio 🙏❤️

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Random edit I made, shot by @badboi ☺️

Just arrived back in South Africa at the @vetpaw reserve with @karmagawa 🙌 so excited to be back and finally meet our rhino rocky! I’ve seen so many beautiful animals already. Here is a photo from a fun shoot we did here earlier this year with @badboi

Bath & wine time with my girl at @elementsofbyron ☺️

Constantly recharging our souls in nature, reminding us that the earth is kind to us, so it’s only reasonable that we reciprocate that ❤️

Living my best waterfall dreams 😂😍

So happy to be back in my favourite place! Thank you @elementsofbyron for having us here 🙌❤️

NEW YORK MINUTE - the prequel to Renee’s post 😏 go to the link In my bio for the behind the scenes of this and our vlog of NY 😂 also who thinks we should do more movie inspired shoots? Give us some ideas in the comments 🙏😇😂

Days well spent, captured on film by @samdameshek ❤️

Last minute outfit decision channeling my favourite character 😎

Such an incredible night at the @pencilsofpromise charity gala, congratulations on raising the goal of $3 million for the night! And to @karmagawa, @timothysykes for contributing! accompanied by truely the best team ❤️

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