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Yesterday I had the honor of singing at one of my best friends funeral. Brandon was always the kindest person and never once judged or brought me down. I had many conversations with him about life and he would always tell me to get myself together and do all the things I want to do and not let anyone push me around. He always had wise words and a gentle soul, though he played any sport like a champ and you’d never guess he had a soft heart through the many sports he played and conquered. I have countless fond memories of growing up my entire life with Brandon, since birth! Water fights in his backyard every summer, playing laser tag in the house, going boating and camping, shooting air soft bebe guns with swim goggles as eye protection, and movie nights all the time. My heart breaks for his wife and the Kicia family..... all of them are so dear to me and many others and I’m so grateful I could be home this week to support the Kicia’s and to have some precious time with my own family. Brandon, you will be so missed.... ❤️❤️

Thanks for reminding me how white I am @comfortfedoke lol 😆 but honestly, I had a blast learning this combo with my student @dancing.sadie.13 this weekend!! Thank you for such a fun class!! #triplethreatdanceconvention @triplethreatdanceconvention

So proud of these girls for tackling a long day of dance yesterday with some amazing instructors! I didn’t get pics of my junior levels so I’ll try to grab some today! Big thanks to @triplethreatdanceconvention for a great day yesterday. We are excited for day 2!! #TTDC #danceconvention #calgary #JDAgirls

Happy Halloween from this rainbow and her pot of gold! 😍👫#bestcouplescostume #wewon50dollars #wecute #happyhalloween2018

There’s only an hour left of national boyfriend day so I’m hopping on this bandwagon real quick! He’s pretty great and makes me a very happy gal. Super grateful for this stud @stud_cupcake109 #nationalboyfriendday #flowerpatternsonflowerpatterns #wecute

It’s this guys birthday!! It’s been the best summer yet with him by my side and I’m so happy I get to spend his special day with him. Happy birthday Tylan. You deserve the greatest day! ❤️ #birthdaywishes #summerpics #boyfriendsbirthday #hesacutie

Happy Birthday Mom!!! You are seriously the best there is. You are so special and even though we joke about you being the strict one, I know you were doing what was best for me. You know me better than anyone and I don’t know what I’d do without you!! I’m happy I get to be around today to celebrate with you and the fam. Thanks for everything you do and everything you’ve done for me. I know that list is endless.... I love you so much!!!! #momsbirthday #shesbetterthanyourmom #thesepicturesareallold ❤️💜❤️💜💕💕💕💕

Spent my birthday with my favourite person who treated me like gold all day!! I also got to spend lots of time with great friends from the theatre and we all had a blast! Thanks to those who celebrated my day with me ❤️❤️ #birthday #26wasagoodone #myboyfriendisamazing

Warning: run-on sentence about to happen. When you have killed the same giant moth 18 times but it still won’t die and you’re adrenaline is all crazy because you’re hopped up on pain killers because you fell off a 6 foot high riser in the dark during the middle of a performance and your leg got caught in a bundle of ropes and you already had a stressful and emotional day because you haven’t been able to sleep good for the last 3 days and your hand hurts from spraining your finger 2 weeks ago still and you hurt it again trying to kill the damn moth that won’t die and you just wanna cry to your boyfriend but he’s at the gym and now you just want your mom to make it all better and you just need it to be the long weekend already.............. anyone else having a day?? Obviously it could’ve been so much worse but I just needed to say I had a bit of tough time handling myself today lol #summerofinjuries #whycantiseeinthedark #giantmothproblems #sendhelp #wheresmymom #themothisstillaliveandimnotevenjokingaboutthat #frick

Summer days spent with my people 😄💜 #summer2018 #theatrecrew #beachlife #calgarystampede

This week has been crazy!! We opened our last show and I had a blast playing across from my best friend tonight in NEWSIES! I’m so proud of him for hitting the ground running with really important and daunting roles that he’d never tackled anything like before. And we officially made it through all of our rehearsals and we have cute pictures to prove it!! #carriagehousetheatre #newsies #foreverplaid #charliebrown #bestfriends #wecute #hesmyfavourite 😍😍

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