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elise blaha cripe  maker, goal-setter & mama to 2 little girls in san diego creator of @gettoworkbook & #creativekidsecourse currently: #100craftadventures & #writinga📔

day 82 of #100craftadventures | collected nearly a full rainbow of plants on my walk today and reset my mood so double win.

my love is a preschool graduate! can’t wait to see the magic you’ll make, ellerie eve! 💫

safe to say #cripegarden is NOT A TOP PRIORITY for me this summer. this might be the only caprese salad I get and damn, I will document it like the old days when IG was The Place to post photos of your food. 🍅

day 81 of #100craftadventures | cutting pieces and starting to sew a sample for @sarahblaho’s #dress47 pattern test. 💙 not the best week for craft adventures. piper has been sick (went to the doctor today and it seems like just a bug she has to fight off), coming up on deadlines and then, of course, the news is insane and heartbreaking and everything feels pointless. but I believe in the value of #the100dayproject so I keep fitting it in. (plus, at least I am not writing pep talks. the best part about doing that year one is it’s beyond easy every year after that.)

day 80 of #100craftadventures | painting disappearing shapes with water on the hot cement at 7pm on the longest day of the year. ☀️ (it felt like the longest day of the year.)

happy summer solstice 🌞 found this sweet doodle of ellerie’s while clearing the counter and I might just frame it.

day 79 of #100craftadventures | snuck in a few rows of my #weekendersweater. love how my #handdyedyarn is knitting up. ❤️

she’s FIVE. my strong, creative, energetic, sensitive, goofy, beautiful and brilliant girl is FIVE today. Ellerie Eve! someday you’ll read all the words mama wrote to you on the internet and I hope this phase stands out: having a front seat to watch you grow up is my greatest joy. I love you. #ELLERIEatFIVE

five years ago tomorrow, Ellerie was born and I became a mom. I have spent every day since not knowing what I would do if I lost her. 💔
while I worry about many things, I don’t have to fear that my girls will be taken from me in a country where we don’t speak the language. I don’t have to know the pain and panic these parents, kids and babies at the border are feeling.
I realize that immigration is complicated. I realize there is not an easy solution. but I know that #familiesbelongtogether and that we are better than this.
The Daily podcast had a good episode this morning with more background on what is going on and how this got started. @readtealeaves has many links and ways to help in her saved stories.
I am closing comments on this post not because I am worried about “negative feedback” but because I would so rather you use your typing energy to text RESIST to 50409. you’ll get an automated response that helps you find your congress members and send them a letter (that you draft.) it all happens via text and it’s easy. nothing else about this is easy, but telling your government representative what you think and that you can’t wait to vote in November is.

day 78 of #100craftadventures | completed my brass mobile today. ✨

day 77 of #100craftadventures | I have had watercolored leaves on pink in the back of my mind since I saw @lifelovepaper’s entry into the #aopaintingparty challenge this morning.

day 76 of #100craftadventures | making art with rocks and leaves today. 🍃 the best part was I didn’t realize ellerie was sitting on the cement behind me and making her own flower from leaves. we teamed up to make a garden.

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