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Elisabeth Rioux 👙  Owner of @HOAKA_SWIMWEAR 👙 Wolfpack member 🌙 Collab : elisabethrioux@live.fr 💕 👇🏽 NEW FAMILY MEMBER

First family photo 🌙🐺 Today, we posted our announcement video, we have a new member in the wolfpack ❤️ I also really wanted you to learn more about what is the wolfpack for us and what it should be for you.. we keep calling our family the wolfpack and we always call each others “lou” 💭 in french “loup” means wolf (but we removed the “p” to be cool and different 🤷🏼‍♀️) we think a wolfpack is incredible, we are strong but together we are even stronger. The strength of the wolf is in the pack ⚡️ On my page, we all support each others, we love each others and lift each others up I love my community on my brands and on my personal page, you are all amazing and I want each and everyone of you to be Lou and be included in the wolfpack 🐺 we are just a beautiful family and we are stronger because of all the love and positivity we bring to this world 🌎 hope you guys are in for this wonderful adventure, we really wouldn’t be here with these babies in this house living this life without each and everyone of you and we are so grateful 🌈 on this note, here is our new puppy Maylie, she is the cutest samoyed ever and I am about to blow your instagram with puppy photos 🤪

Those colors are so weird but I’m currently way too sick to find another Hoaka photo on my phone 🤒 i feel like my recent feed is so.. “not me” ? Well, I’ll be back on track soon cause I have the best trips planned, Coachella and another really cool destination in April ✌🏽 but I really needed to post today to let you know that the 30% off sale on my brand @hoaka_swimwear is ending tonight, complete set starting at 35$ 👙

the weather here can go from 7 celsius to 19 in less than an hour, abit difficult to know what to wear in that case and even more for a girl who’s usually never wearing clothes 🤐🤪 I’m always talking about self confidence because I know how it feels to hate yourself (we probably all do in a certain way sadly) but physically I’m being really hard on myself, I always want to look my best even knowing it is impossible.. I haaaate wearing clothes (as I keep saying) because I never liked my body on clothes. People expect me to have the biggest ass in the world, but let me repeat : my ass isnt huge, I just have a small waist, I am just overall really small and everytime I wear clothes I feel like I am just a line (cause I’m really skinny and tall) so I just don’t. I didn’t really have the choice in this trip to find nice clothing to wear cause it’s really cold and there is no beaches and I’m happy it happened, I gotta say, i don’t feel comfortable I’m really insecured but it feels good to be out of my comfort zone and vulnerable. I know at the end of the day it’s not that important but I always have these wrong thoughts in mind and I’m really working on it.. i think I will try to do it more often, idk, my caption is so weird but that was my thoughts of the day, I love you all and no matter what you look like, you are allowed to feel secured or insecured. We always have to work on ourselves and be proud of who we are, not ashamed that we can’t be perfect 100% of the time cause anyway nobody can.
Hair by @extensionsparstephanie

Why does this type of shit only happens to me ? Why were you filming at that moment @emyjade.g ? Why ? Just why ? Why do things like that happen to me on tape on every trip ? Am I the only one 😭😭 ***this is just an old legging sample from when i was working on the brand @bamboounderwear but i kept those, its not the final product, we never had bamboo leggings with that problem, it wasnt a streachable sewing but it was changed before we started selling them so dont worry ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽 #neverwearingsamplesagainwhenmysuppliersaysitsnotthefinalversion #icouldn’tseethedifference #nowican

Thank you for always believing in me, understanding me and encouraging me 🌹 having a bestfriend who lifts you up every single day is really important, we always uplift each others ✨ it’s so funny cause @milaydie and I are so different but we both experience new things because of the other and really simple things such as traveling, going out, make up, food, etc I feel like a more complete person with her 🌙 it’s really worth it to hangout with people that are really different from you cause it shows you that there is more ways to live and that’s also the best way to discover things about yourself. My fav weirdo in the world 👽 oh and, can we also have a moment for this incredible sunset ??? It doesn’t look real, definitely recommend Turkey 🇹🇷

If all you can see on my page is photos of my body, then you can unfollow me or change your perception. Of course, you’re gonna see photos of my body cause I own a bikini and an underwear brand, am I supposed to wear a ski jumpsuit on it just to make sure I cover my body ? I am still going to post whatever I want no matter what your opinion is cause at the end of the day it is my page and I just can’t believe there is still people being shocked by a butt photo on my page, like really ? Why are you even following me if you’re butt hurt by a photo of my body ? What I’ve built is a swimwear brand and an underwear company, isn’t it the best way to talk about it on my page with photos of my creations ? Plus I really like this type of photo, it really is my style and I’m not gonna change for anyone 📸 I work hard to get my body too, i can show it off too. Plus, if you wanna get to know me you can always read my long ass captions about my feelings, up and down, my accomplishments or opinions. That’s not something I can show through a photo. Oh and, I have youtube too if you wanna hear me talk ✌🏽 on that note, I am really proud of who I am, what I project and if the ONLY thing you can see on my page is my body than maybe the problem is your perception of it. I post alot more than that and if you don’t feel like taking time to read what I have to say or understand why you see my body on my page than you shouldn’t have time to comment about how offended you are. It’s cool to see girls supporting girls under my posts (for the real girls doing it, props love you) and for the one saying it but not actually doing it, maybe you should change your hashtag for #girlssupportinggirlsonlyiftheyhavethesameopinionasthemselves ! And here’s a special photo just for your pleasure cause I can be sweet sometimes, me wearing clothes and probably the only outfit I am going to wear this week cause preparing my luggage for Turkey made me realize that when people comment “you’re never wearing clothes” “you’re always in a bikini?” IT IS TRUE, I never wear nice clothes, I hate it. Or I’m in a bikini/underwear OR I am at home relaxing/working with big sweatpants so YEA YOURE RIGHT ✨

I feel so excited about what’s coming for my brands @hoaka_swimwear and @bamboounderwear , the new colors are going to be insane and totally different from what you’ve seen before 💦 I am also really motivated on youtube, I recently discovered the love coming from it, I love being able to show my real personality through a video, it’s not something easy to do with photos but at least instagram still has captions ✌🏽 I’ve just posted my third video of the week on youtube ?? I would’ve never expected that from me (thanks to my editor @_sabrinatam btw, otherwise I would neeever have time to edit) 🌺 Oh and I am also working on 2 other new businesses, one really different from what I am currently doing and one soooo similar.. but secret 🤫 and let’s not forget about @hoaka_apparel girls 🔮 I don’t know where that motivation is coming from, probably from the fact that I have the best boyfriend in the world and I want to be the best version of myself for him ? Probably, cause I am surrounded with the right people and I have the most supportive bestfriend of all time ? Probably just a mix of it all ? Well, i am leaving for Turkey tomorrow and I am already planning my second trip of the month.. what !! Everything goes fast right now and I love it 🇹🇷

Movie night with all the family 🍿🎥 well not movie but youtube night, watching alot of shane dawson conspiracy theories ✌🏽 also, our new youtube video just came out on my youtube channel, we asked a medium about our future and OH MY GOD, we have an exciting one 🔮 I can’t wait to remake this video but a “predictions about our baby” version 🤪 link in bio 🌙
With @damedecoeur66 , edited by @_sabrinatam 💦

Not a mirror picture type of person but wtv ?🤷🏼‍♀️ I got a question from a fan and it really made me rethink the all thing.. someone asked me « how are you so confident?» and I didn’t really know what to say cause I don’t feel like a confident person at all even if it is what I am projecting. Fun fact you didn’t know : when I was in primary school, I was seeing a therapist every week cause I had problem with selfconfidence. They sent me to a camp for kids with the same problem but they kicked me out cause I wasn’t able to make friends. I had this problem for so long, I couldn’t make friends, I always felt like I wasn’t at the right place, i felt like people were not interested in what I could say or do. When I started working on @hoaka_swimwear at 17, I was still in this bad mindset, I kinda wanted to prove I could do something with my life.. social media for me was a therapy, it was a place where I could express myself without thinking « are they really interested or they are annoyed by what I am saying » cause you know (or some people don’t know it yet lol) on social media if you are not interested you can just scroll to the other post. And then I started growing on insta, I was seeing an interest in what I was doing, people were buying from my company and wearing my creations.. imagine the feeling ! You can say whatever you want about me or people about people on social media but at the end of the day, social media is good for alot of people and alot of different reasons. For me it’s a way to express myself by pictures or captions, for some others it is a motivation (fitness, travel, business, etc) and if you personally feel like social media makes you feel bad, then learn how to use it better, you don’t have to follow pages of people making you feel jealous or angry. Do things that make you feel good and change your perspective instead of spreading your negativity. I hate people saying «social media is bad».. it’s not ! What’s bad is : comparing yourself and social media helps you doing it if you don’t use it the right way✨i got lost in this caption (again) but I really wanted you to you who I am deepdown and make sure you have the right perspective of me

Montreallllll, we are so excited to meet you all at my brand @bamboounderwear pop up at the Rockland center ✌🏽 I can’t wait to present you the team behind it, the new colors and even more exciting MY LOU @bryan_mcormick 🤪🤪🤪

If you guys have been following me for a while, you probably already know that I am a human bear 🐻 At high school I was called wolverine 👽 now that I’m older I just think it’s really funny but recently I found out a real miracle : laser hair removal ✌🏽 it sounded too perfect to be true but it is true 🤪 I started by going in a salon but I was too shy to show certain body parts (yea if youve been following me you probably also know that real life I’m really conservative and hate being naked if front of people, friends, boyfriend, whoever) soooooo I got my hands on the @happyskinco after they contacted me, I tried and it works for real, it’s a at home IPL hair removal handset so I can do certain body parts privately 🤐 (you can also do it all and save $$) use my code on their website “ELISABETH50” to save even more $ #happyskinco #ad

The thing I missed the most about Jamaica was officially the sunsets 🌅 I NEED to say it again but I’ll stop after that I promise haha I feel so grateful to have this amazing community, for me, my Thailand video was mostly a souvenir, a video I’d still watch with Bryan in 5 years, show our kids and remember those beautiful moments while creating new ones.. I wasn’t expecting such a beautiful response and energy about it and I am really happy you loved it that much ☀️ It reminds me of how it feels when you do exactly what you love, with people you love and it inspires people around you at the same time 🌺 I keep saying it but the past 2 years was really difficult emotionally but I can see the light, I am in it now.. everything seems so perfect, it feels so perfect, I’m enjoying the present and I’m beyond excited about the future 🌙 I keep being emotional in my captions lately but I am so so full of happiness and feel like sharing it, hope it gives you a little smile in your face🌈 Know that it always gets better, it will, no matter how long it takes.. karma is good, be kind, have good intentions and you’re going to get what you want and deserve 🐒 on that note, I have to leave, I am currently with the @risefestival family and don’t want to stay on my phone for too long, love you all ❤️ @hoaka_swimwear 👙

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