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Elin Thudén  Oj vad jag carpar

När man cyklar full genom Uppsala klockan 17.53 till en sittning med Harry Potter-tema är det faktiskt goals

Vi kanske inte fick gå på balen på slottet men vi fick i alla fall spendera dagen i solen utanför slottet och kvällen spelandes Bubble Trouble, so who's the real winner here, egentligen?

Vi fick feeling och kasta av oss BHarna och det kändes bra. Det är ju ändå internationella kvinnodagen, så idag om någon dag får man väl göra vadfan man vill utan kommentarer

No, it's not a filter I'm just flawless. (And fierce as a motherfucker). Ok it's a filter.

My grandma sent me a picture from maybe two or three years ago, some things have changed but at least I've been keeping up my good sense of style and posing skills

Today friends is a huge day for everyone involved (me). Two years ago I started my travels in Asia, one year ago I moved in to MacAwesomeville in Sydney and today I'm moving to my very own apartment. Ok, my very own room in a corridor with shared kitchen, bathroom and shower. BUT at least I have my pride and my very own sink. And how do we celebrate then you might ask? Wine and pizza on the floor cuz my only furniture for four days is an air mattress, yay me

Gårdagens nyårssittning avslutade dessa två intensiva men ack så roliga nolleveckor på bästa sätt! Happy to be a part of SSK Uppsala❣🍾💃🏼🎅🏽

Traded 40 degrees for -10 but it's okay cuz I like this city

Everyone was excited about the reunion except the cat.

Places I'd rather be, part 1.

So, today marks my one year anniversary in Australia which I celebrate back in Sweden with too much minus degrees and shitloads of snow. Even though 2016 has for a lot of people been a shitty year, it has for me been an amazing year, the best one yet. I made the biggest decision of my life moving across the world by myself and from the very beginning everything just seems to have gone my way. Found a bunch of amazing friends, a kick-ass apartment, a good job with some wonderful colleagues in a city that instantly felt like home. And even though having to leave all this was one of the most tearful and worst moments, I do have so much to be thankful for. I'm not the first one to write novels about feelings and shit, but it just seems fair to 2016 and everyone involved that I do.
Now I'm moving to a new city to start Uni, but staying in Sweden for a while anyways.

Started off the year with series all day long and munching carbonara with this one. I've had lazier days, we actually walked all the way to the store as well, good on us. Thank you 2016 for treating me so well

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