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Magical winterday in Tromsø!😍 And wow, I'm continuously amazed about how a different coordination of the body create a more effortless feeling, when playing, no matter what instrument. So many cool aha-moments when teaching today, love that!✨ #Timani #snow #winter #magic

Thank you amazing students at Department of Music in Trondheim for being so eager to learn, joyful and honest! Teaching Timani to you is a privilege. So happy I'm gonna be back 5 more times this spring! Now heading towards Tromsø to teach at Department of Music there! Lucky me😃 #timani #fun #traveling #exploring #musicandmovement

Sweet reunion. That joy of playing music when you've not done it for a little while😍 #joy

Thank you @idamalch for coming by with the most beautiful flowers today. 💛
I've had a flu on and off for the last two months and it's been the greatest gift in many ways. I've had to practice being ok with doing less and being ok with canceling. It's so easy to depend our self worth on how much we get done. Sometimes though it's clearly not up to us or our willpower and that's when it gets crystal clear that self worth is something far beyond our effectiveness. Because busyness comes and goes, self worth wanna hang around all the time. If we just learn to allow it to💛

I used to have that bad feeling in my stomach when I saw somebody do well. And then my mind would slip into this story of me as a failure. How silly right? The funny thing though is that my mind still does sometimes, I just don't care that much about what it says anymore. And wow, that's freeing. Because what I do instead is applause others success! I literally get inspired by it. Never thought I would. So, let's inspire each other! Because I mean- there's so much amazing things happening all the time and I think we all have a place to shine! Don't you?🙋🙆 #keepshining

Årets første kaffe i sola! ☀️ #søndag

For such a long time I thought that one day a man will come into my life and magically make everything more beautiful and harmonious. That special man will come and put my heart on fire and make life worth living. Believe me - I still believe in love, actually more than ever. BUT!
What an expectation! And most of all - how tiring. Because in that desire for that 'magic shift' is also a subtle dissatisfaction with what's here right now. There's the belief that something is not quite enough yet. And that belief is draining. That belief even has a funny way of sneaking into other areas of life too. And when you believe something is lacking, it often looks like that as well.
Now I know though that bringing happiness and magic into my life is totally MY OWN job. And it's an inside job. And from that place there's a continuos trust that what ever is meant to show up in my life will. Being single is not a mistake and not a sign of doing worse than others or being weak. It's a gift of time - for yourself. Time for realizing that all you ever need is in YOU.
#magic #life #love
Photo by the amazing @annevaleur

I want to explore life to the fullest and experience as much freedom as possible. That's my biggest 'WHY' for doing everything I do these days. And it has been for the last 7 years, I just found back to it yesterday. Remembered it. I'm forever fascinated of how life align with what you truly want when you're clear about it. What's your 'why'? What motivates you to take action in life?
Here's the beautiful sunset on Island some weeks ago. Right now I'm on my way to Trondheim to teach Timani at Department of Music there!✨ #travel #findyourwhy #livelifetothefullest

After listening to a podcast by the fabulous @christinehassler today I realized this - I'm never gonna do something consistently before I have a BIG enough reason to do it. Yes, I've heard it before, but have I really? But wow, it is so true. And all my actions towards where I am today have been taken based on that- I experienced so much pain, I experienced being so scared of not being enough, I experienced being so afraid of disappointing others that I did take action towards more acceptance and ease. The last few months though I've had a lack of reasons to take action. Not that I haven't been busy, but there's been a lack of motivation. And as a result of that working has been tiring - even though I absolutely LOVE my job. Even getting up in the morning have sometimes felt hard. And I know that this is a sign that something needs to change.
So, thanks @christinehassler for making me realize that I need to find new reasons, new "why's". Because my former reasons are not big enough anymore (and thank God for that! Because pain and insecurity is only fun as reasons for so long) So today I'm gonna get really clear on those new reasons and I have a feeling that it's gonna include a lot of passion and love and gratitude. I'm excited to share it later. #insights #neverstopgrowing
Photo taken by the amazing @annevaleur

There is no way around selflove..time for some Spa💃😅😉 #enjoylife

When you tell your housemate you've missed playing lately and she makes you a violin pancake 😍 @lindseybest.uk #violin #pancake #musicisthebest

✨💖✨❄️✨ @bjorgbrjans #island #goodtimes