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#elimstyles | Thrift
While waiting in line for coffee this morning, my mind drifted to my outfit and realized it was mostly made up of thrifted pieces.
I get asked quite a bit about where I shop for clothes and honestly it's starting with secondhand first. Partly because the hunt is so fun but primarily it's understanding that by choosing secondhand, I'm keeping clothes out of landfills.
How do you feel about thrifting?
Scarf: thrifted
Coat: 6 yrs old
Turtleneck sweater: thrifted
Dress (worn under): thrifted
📸: @cpopovee

Two of my favorite things: monsteras and this vintage leather purse
📸: @cpopovee

Slide into the DMs
Did you know I got my start at lululemon at their call center? Back then it was a really small team so it's not been hard to track down old faces. Kelsey is one them. Thanks to Insta, we reconnected for the first time in over 6 years. It was exciting to learn she too has struck out on her own. Check her out @hellojorssen.
Wish you could've been there for the coffee date? You might like the link in her bio 😉


#elimstyles | When a trend is the solution
Real talk: these jeans have been loved so hard (6 years old!!) they are authentically ripped in the bum and knee. That should have been the end of them...but I haven't found a replacement pair yet and did I mention I loooooove them? So today I actioned the insta-famous trend of pairing stockings with ripped denim. It's kind of like patching a hole, right? Either way, I felt great and walked out the door.
How I styled it: erred on the side of conservative (cashmere sweater, leather loafers) and the overall vibe felt less trendy and more purposeful.
How are you prolonging the wear of your clothes?
Sweater: 4 yrs old
Jeans: 6 yrs old


#elimstyles | What's your "power suit"?
I'm still feeling under the weather but the hustle continues. So what to wear when there's a client meeting and location scouting on the agenda? Clothes that make me feel put together and comfortable. My version of a weekend "power suit": black turtleneck sweater, skinny jeans, pointy Chelsea boots and a tailored coat.
How do you want to feel in your clothes?
Coat: 4 yrs old
Turtleneck: thrifted
Jeans: 6 years old
Boots: 7 mo. old


#elimstyles | Started from the bottom...
This week I am styling for a few days @lululemon so I'm literally walking memory lane and nostalgia is burning bright. Did you know I was their first ever Stylist? It was 8 years ago I shared my styling career goals with someone at head office and the response was "interesting but we're an athletic apparel company".
Fast forward (because Instagram is a highlight reel) to today where there's now a bustling in-house photo studio with a small army of Photographers, Stylists, Assistants, Coordinators, Photo editors, Hair and Makeup artists. I definitely had some heart swelling moments watching their team hustle throughout the day.
Which reminds me of advice I also received 8 years ago: "always be prepared for opportunity".
#freelancelife 🙏🏼
Sweater: 2 yrs old
Turtleneck: 6 mo. old
Slip dress (worm as tunic): consignment via @mymoderncloset
Faux leather leggings: consignment via @themainexchange


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