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Elijah Ray  Reserve your spot for my upcoming 12 week online masterclass - and check out my upcoming BOL retreat schedule!! 🚀 https://bandoflightexperience.com/

I’m beyond excited to have received the call to come back to #Burningman this year, and one of the high notes of my excitement is that I get to be bringing the gospel love sauce with these two epic beings!! I have quite a few performances scheduled throughout the week as well, so I’ll be sure to post a schedule soon for my dusty familia :) Who else will we see out on playa this year?✨🔥✨

Come home to yourself. #comePassion #thisis #lifeinthebandoflight

Behold! The ladder of light goes up and down... which way is your energy flowing?
#knowthyself #thisis #lifeinthebandoflight

So grateful to serve your enjoyment :) Clips from Wednesday’s event coming soon! #thisis #lifeinthebandoflight

The afterglow on Wednesday eve at the Temple of Wholeness...yes yum and then some! 🙏🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽 #Repost @r_v_e
Musical spaces for radiant creatures. Grateful to celebrate @amberalchemy last night with the graces of @elijahraymusic @yesjessmagic and more - nurturing and heart opening it was. I needed that. @virajalive @mysticmermaid1 @bodymagician44 @johnbuttaz

It has been such a divine pleasure and honor to take this week out of time to be in Encinitas, CA and spend precious moments with the radiant being known as @amberalchemy in honor of her Birthday🙏🏽 There are not many words that encapsulate the love and care I have for her, her children, and the multiverse of consciousness she carries in her heart, in service to wholeness. Here’s to many more lifetimes of service and beyond! ✨🌈🙌🏽 #Repost @amberalchemy
Soul family reunion! Love this precious moment 😍

I love this moment!! And my sister Ariel. So much. I call forth a belated birthday redo! ❤️ #Repost @amant.co
remembering that sweet night when I sang a duet with @elijahraymusic at his birthday concert. I love you my white lion brother - namey samey- and then some! ⚡️🦁

Have you nuzzled someone you love today?
Family, can we celebrate more healthy connection, intimacy, and affection with each other already? I think it’s silly that being affectionate and loving is so often mistaken for being sexual. Love is who we are. And it’s free! Being affectionate and having healthy connection with each other is what keeps us healthy and sane. Do you know that most babies will die if they do not shown physical contact and affection? Think about that. Most people in the world feel a little bit dead inside, and I think it’s because our culture has made physical touch, connection, and and affection taboo and reserved for lovers. I say we are here to love each other. Hug! Kiss your friends cheeks more! For the love of life! Haha... What do you say?! #ILOVEYOU 🌈😻#lionheart #love #thisis #lifeinthebandoflight

I’ve just completed a 9 day fast and #blessedherbs cleanse - something I do every year for the last 13 years - and I’m feeling amazing. 😋 I’ve loved seeing my friends and family who are taking your health and physical vitality to the next level...I’m up in here with you! Let’s take good care of these temples, shall we!? #bodylove #cleantemple #cleanheart #cleanmind #givethanks #thisis #lifeinthebandoflight

This is what it feels like ...🔥 (NEW MOON) 🔥 (ECLIPSE) 🔥(THANK YOU) 🔥(I LOVE YOU) 🔥#lifeinthebandoflight

Current mood on this New Moon Eclipse... ✨🙏🏽✨ letting go of all anxiety!! It’s so much more graceful to build our future vision from a place of ComePassion. New Moon and eclipse portals are a good moment to be with your SELF and re-establish your alignment with your soul assignment....and release what is not serving your highest joy. Today you’ll find me planting dream seeds and nurturing the mission from a #relaxed state. It’s way more fun this way... :) Sending love to you and all those around you!!! We got this fam! #thisis #lifeinthebandoflight
#Repost @atlanteanpriestess
Happy New Moon 🌙 and Eclipse ❤️ Today is a great day to spend a few moments on setting intentions for what you want to manifest in your life. The energy will be favorable for moving forward by the end of August🌹
#newmoon #intentions #moon #eclipse #settingintentions #meditation #ceremony #sacred #time #specialday #eclipseseason #astrology #august #patience #nostress #today #control #release #anxiety #relax #letgo

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