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Elijah Craig II  a bright light on the dark side of town


Nobody wins if YOU dim #35mm #shotbyelijah

Lately in James 4:4
it says friend of the world is enemy of the lord. πŸ•Š

#UniverseChronicles πŸ‘

A few years back I was introduced to my good friend @thejoshcraig . We instantly hit it off creatively. It was apparent that we were both some high vibe type niggas. Of course we had a good laugh about us sharing a last name but didn't think too much of it.

A while later I was at his crib in BK and pointed out his @blackflagshoppe knujmchucks tee, with an 11 on the back. 11 is a special number to me based off of my birthday (7-11) and for numerology reasons.

When I told Josh my birthday was 7-11 , he paused and took a second to process what was just said.
"Get the fukk outta herrrre!" *TJC JERSEY VOICE*
The plot took a wild twist when we came to realize that we shared the same birthday and 7-11 was the reason that shirt was personally made for him.

Over time we definitely connected more often off the strength and even threw a duality birthday one summer. (I got way too sauced as per usual)

But then one day Josh noticed a shirt I was wearing with CRAIG on the front. It's the 49ers shirt I always wear with #RogerCraig running on it.
Josh was like : "Wait a fucking second, are you related to him? Or just wear it?" I said yes, it's my uncle, you know I'm originally from the bay.
He then proceeded to lose his shit once again because his family used to watch 49ers games on TV and tell him and the fam "That's Blood !!!" Now given that we both share 'Craig' , a slavename
given to our ancestors, both of our families originated from the south in Alabama-Mississippi and well, who fucking knows... Lol

The point of this entire story is that @thejoshcraig traveled to the bay to DJ , work, and turned all the way up. On arrival, he was in Chinatown SF randomly looking for equipment and shit and gets to the counter of a cutty spot & what do you know, there's a mother fuckin photo of the owner of that specific store with my uncle Roger Craig in the early 90s under the glass.
I wasn't surprised at all the photo existed but the irony was wild! Josh spazzed w positivity throughout his trip & got a studio in Oakland when all was said & done. & This guy was the first DJ to spin a top the Trans-America building! βž–βž•JUST SURRENDER TO THE SIGNS βž•βž–

🎼 Hands On

Comparison is the thief of joy,
but perspective is the King of understanding. πŸŽ“

Some assembly required

Nature Boy

This is my auntie Brenda. She was known for her positive attitude towards every single perspective she came across & her angelic voice. She passed away from a hit and run car accident in 96. She saved my cousin Carsha from being killed & sacrificed herself for her kin. Sometimes you gotta think about what you've done lately.
Link in Bio.

niggas never climbed a mountain on accident. #intention @childofinfinitelight #shotbyelijah

Don't usually post this kind of client work here but this jacket is dropping jewels. #mothersky #levismadeandcrafted #shotbyelijah

U ain't seen enough to speak ill on another.

Use your influence, don't let it use you. πŸ‘πŸΎ
Stay up @kehlani 🌊

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