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It's easier to build strong children, then to repair a broken man!

Yo think I ain't special, and now you start to wonder why ❄️

How about now! 😼

Enough is enough, can we just make love wake up do it again even Thoe I made you tap out that's how you gone get that win❄️

That's what life becomes when you doing you.... welcome to Hollywood don't let this town ruin you! 💯

I knew how it was from the start 🌚

How about now

Trust before you love.
Know before you judge.
Commit before you promise.
Forgive before you forget.
Appreciate before you regret.

Kiss me through the phone

Visualize a monster cuz you're to bad for me, shot that arrow im hit, I need you right near me!

Childish as it seems, but I can make it all better❄️

Let me apologize for all them other guys that didn't treat you right... lma treat you right girl❄️

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