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The Truth is here to stay. We will live for eternity soulmates. There are generations coming that will continue the movement and you all will become their master teachers and the truth will live forever. The only thing that will last in the end is the truth. I love mycellf Reflection. 👌🏿👁👌🏿💚

I am the most high (explained) full video Available on YouTube now MelaNationTv

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Have you ever took a shower in a tropical rain forest?

Tropical Girl
Tropical girl in a tropical world, her values are different because she lives in the natural world. Tropical showers in the purest of rain, she so pure and true it’s a tropical thang. The sun kisses her eyes skin and hair, wherever she goes they stop and stare. Her glow is emasculate with a vibration that makes her stand out, it’s not hard to see she a different kind of girl from a different kind of world without a doubt. I wonder what she thinks about whats in that head of hers, Is it the star the moon or fruits trees and flowers I bet she sits and thinks about the youiverse for hours or maybe she’s thinking about water falls and hot springs rivers and beach sides bumble bees that pollinate lotus flowers with peddles that open so wide, or maybe she thinks about the rain because she knows that every droplet that falls is never the same, all the thought that’s she entertains i want to know because I could be thinking the same. I wish to see her mind unfurl filled with treasures rubies and pearls if i could spend a day in in her tropical world I could get to know that tropical girl. ~Mt Natureboy

Meanwhile back at the camp I’m exercising my feminine side while my wife is exercising her masculine... oh yes when it comes to big bugs 🕷🦂 shes my warrior. I quickly turn into the wife and she’s my husband 😩🤣.. she over here playing with it and touching the damn tarántula I’m like damn that baby leave that nigga alone..lmao 😂🤣 #shesmywarrior #AcidFeet

Master Teacher what’s the shape of the earth?
The Earth is a plane of existence. It has no edges because it’s not an object. It is a system. A figment of our mind. We are logged into a dimension of our mind we call the earth plane we are actually dreaming. It is important for us to understand that we are trapped here by the frequency we vibrate on consciously in the spectrum of our mind. We are literally a mind experiencing a plane of frequency of our mind in which we can only get out of consciously through vibrating to higher frequencies of the mind by being tested and purified by the plane of essence itscellf. Through passing the tests provided by the plane ones mind will therefore be able to contract to higher realms or planes of existence/the mind. The earth plane can only be advanced through learning and mastering of complete love that vibrates to the highest form of love in this plane of existence rendering there no more reason for a soul to exist on this plane of existence no longer unless it was to volunteer to teach love. ~Mt Natureboy

Here we go. Here are the greatest list of teachers today. I forgot ECKHART TOLLE & GREG BRADEN

The body is a device. Think very deeply about this then ask yourcellf what’s real. Silence your mind and look around at people and see things great I do... look and ask yourcellf where are we truly located? We have eye balls and receive electrical signals through all our senses yet where are we located truly? This will blow your mind to think about truly. ~Mt Natureboy

Proof of reincarnation reflections. This is very real. To get out the living room/earth plane you must vibrate completely to the frequency of it and be able to hold it. True divine love is the only way. ~Mt Natureboy

Your being tested. Just know that this whole life your loving is one big test. Your being recorded by your subconscious. Do the right thing. Control your emotions. The devil is god is disguise.
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