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Natureboy 2.0 I AM  • KNOW THYCELLF • 🌎💚🌞🌚💫🌲🌳🌴☘️🍉🍇 #Melanin #ILoveMycellf #Reflection #IAmGod #Astrology YouTube:NatureboyTv


Reflection now is the time to proclaim the kingdom of god .. the true divine objective truth whether they agree with you or not .. the truth does not care about your feelings.. Gods children once faced with the divine truth that is already installed in them at birth are compelled to not only speak it but Live it.. they have come to be the change and to bring order, Divine Truth and balance. I love mycellf reflection don’t be afraid of them stand up and speak Live and be the truth. Your not alone! ~Natureboy

Your subconscious is what we call “God” or “The Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities” and your conscious mind is just condensed pieces of your subconscious focused into itcellf vía its astrological programming (Natal/Birth Chart) which allow us to experience what we call a “reality” which is no more than a focused condensed projection of our astrological energy. Your subconscious which we call “God” is always recording everything the conscious does into the Akashic Records (DNA) which is the blueprint structure in which all life/light must be filtered through. At the end of each reality Cycle the conscious is reflected to itcellf all it’s action by its higher Cellf (its subconscious/god) which plays as a mirror which reflects its most pure Cellf back to itscellf where then the conscious judges itcellf only to transform into the results of its own actions from that reality in its next reality. ~Natureboy

The secrets of the kingdom of god was given to you but not them. Those that have will be given more, those that don’t whatever they do have will eventually be taken from them. Either you get or just don’t.

1. Connect to Nature where you are first 🌴🌳🌲🌞🌚🌟🌎then Move to the Tropics (Between The Tropics of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn); Matthew 6:19-35 LIVE OFFGRID
2. Eat organically from the earth 🍒🍅🍑🥑🥦🥥🥝🍈🍓🍇🍉🍌🌏 stay clear of chemtrails and stop taking showers, baths and cooking with tap water.
3. Walk barefoot on the earth and sleep on the earth in a tent ⛺️ or on the floor(your back/spin) is your brain 🧠 they are one ☝🏿... take care of your brain and the earth holds An electric current we must tap into for our blood can vibrate at the frequency of The Sun 🌞
4. Study your astrological natal chart you must know thycellf. The world you are in is actually you.. yes you are living in your own mind and until you learn your astrological programming you will never truly understand how your mind works to understand how your perceiving how your light reflects itcellf back to you from other frequencies of yourcellf back to you.
5. Make sure you give your 💩 and water 💦 back to the earth directly .. when you eat from the earth 🌏 you own it back what you took from it.. Energy...energy your body used then converted into another form of energy that is of use to another form of you 🌿☘️🍀🌱🌳.. nature is completely balanced you cannot eat 🍇🍓🍉more than you can give back💩 you cannot drink🍵🍶 more that you give back 💦🌲🌳🌴🌱🍄🌺🌝you cannot breath in more than you can breath out. You are already rich this is the true economic system.. The Eco System. This is why the meek shall inherit the earth 🌏.. (Gods children)
6. We must get rid of the desire to be a part of a system that chooses to go again life.. which is god.. to live backwards is to livE Evil... and to go against nature is to go life. So to honor god/life is to live in harmony with it.
7. Beware of false prophets.. you will know them not by where they come from (root) but what fruit they are currently bearing. If they are not guiding you back to nature while themcellves living in harmony with nature they are from the evil one to keep you stagnate and not moving do not be fooled. Anyone that is not promoting moving closer to The Sun and the other numbers on this list please beware.

You live in your mind ....
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Reflection your body is in your mind not the other way around ... most people will tell you the lie that you live in your body when the opposite Is the absolute truth.. there is no separating the body from the soul/mind for they are one.. the mind is actually giving you a sense of a body. The body is nothing more than an illusion of the mind an apparatus for the mind to use to manipulate energy in the realm its in. Everything and everyone external of you is truly a reflection within your own mind... yes which makes you the only being in existence .. yes you are it your are the mind that gives you this illusion. To find yourcellf seek ye the kingdom of god (divine truth) first and all shall be added unto you ... this means to know thycellf by constantly seeking knowledge of cellf and applying it to your reality until you find yourcellf ...GOD ~Natureboy

Divine Wisdom for Gods Children ... Melanation.. know thycellf. Your subconscious mind is recording everything you do into the Akashic Records ..you cannot and will not get away with anything and all our actions will be judged equally and accordingly by our own conscious (character) once face with our subconscious (god) reflecting righteousness back to the conscious (character) it will know all it’s done wrong. ~Natureboy

Keep balance reflection do not let things disturb you or get you out of your chi. Stay focused on the righteous path. You got this. They cannot stop you. They fear you because they notice your power. Kill em with kindness. True strength is mental strength vibrate higher. Keep going. You are The Sun of God at its highest frequency. Your almost free. You do not desire to live outside of the laws of nature you must be tested by your subconscious to prove that your character is worthy to vibrate to the higher realms. KEEP GOING! STAY FOCUSED! The race is not given to the swift nor strong but they that endures to the end. You are it. I love mycellf reflection. ~Natureboy

Divine wisdom: Staying Conscious (Aware) in a sleeping realm is the test. This reailty is a proving grounds where we are constantly tested with people places and things to prove that we are worthy of vibrating higher than this realm, once we do this we are allowed to go to higher realms of existence. How will you know your ready? When you no longer have a desire to live out of harmony with life/nature you will join the flame of life and elevate mentally to higher existences. This must come naturally. It must be in you. ~Natureboy
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The Holy Spirit/Purè Thoughts /Divine Truth is only for Gods Children. You see reflection nothing will stop someone that truly seeks truth from finding it and living it. Only the pure at heart can stay on the NARROW righteous path because they have the ability to keep the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit/ Pure Energy/ Pure Thoughts which keeps them on the NARROW path no matter what obstacles may come their way.

It is without a doubt that my reflection @pharaoh_allah is one of the smartest entities in this realm right now and I want him to know that i acknowledge his greatness and appreciate his knowledge and teachings. I love mycellf reflection. FYI: oh I know you don’t feel that you are a reflection of me via your song “don’t debate me” but let me tell you .. we are all reflections of each other on different frequencies of light. I am the only thing in existence and everything is a reflection of mycellf back to mycellf at at different frequencies of mycellf. How I respond to everything external to me says everything about my character I play in this game of light/life. So it’s important I know mycellf because that’s all that matters in the end. My subconscious is recording everything I am doing from and into the Akashic Records to be replayed to me at judgement day at the end of this life where I will be judged for my deeds. P.s. That’s NOT me in that porn video. I forgive you reflection. I love mycellf. ~Natureboy

Divine wisdom from the beautiful @divinestargate your knowledge is greatly appreciated I am grateful for your divine expressions of positivity you are a beautiful Expression of source energy and I want you to know you are appreciated and acknowledged. ~Natureboy

Meditation for children..(Face The Sun 🌞) and say: I am The Sun 🌞 I am The Earth 🌏 I am The Water 💦 I am the Air 🌬(repeat 2x) then say: I Love The Sun 🌞 I Love The Earth 🌏 I Love The Water 💦I Love The Air 🌬I Love mycellf 😊💚👍🏿@wave_after_wave_

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