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Elicia Perkins Starkman  Mama•Wife•Model•Expert Bear Hugger•Amateur Baby Party Planner💕

Happy Father’s Day to my favorite Guy in the whole world! I’ve never known a man who shows up for his children the way he does. I’m constantly in awe of his kindness and generosity. We are all so lucky to have him. Can’t wait to bring Starkman #5 into our tribe. Thank you for loving us all unconditionally Babe!

My best Mother’s Day yet! Can’t wait to snuggle with both my girls! Half way there. #20wks

when I think about you,
I think about love..... 🎵

Thinking up rational arguments to explain this when my husband comes home... “It’s not everyday she turns 1,000 days old Honey.” “The cake is gluten free so basically it counts as dinner.” “But Babe she’s just so damn cute.” open for other suggestions friends...

Details from our magical Easter party 💕

Thank you all for the lovely Birthday messages yesterday! Here’s some pics from our amazing Easter party 💕 @keripicollaphotography

May we all be glowing examples of what it means to be powerful and compassionate women. The next generation depends on us #InternationalWomensDay 📷 by @brotherbearandchacha

Thank you for making me “deliriously happy,” today and every day. I can’t believe we’ve celebrated 10 Valentine’s. You make love fun! #GuyStarkman

Happy Birthday to my Brazilian sister. Thank you for a decade of love and laughter. May this year be filled with exciting new adventures. Love you so much! @ludidelfino

And in tonight’s episode of just because you can, doesn’t mean you should... 😂 #nextdress #leftacrucialpartofthisathome

Getting really strong over here! This year didn’t start off as planned. Last year didn’t go as I had planned. I guess the theme here is to stop making grand plans and just be. So as I nurse myself back to life I’m trying to just think of things I’m grateful for rather than all the things I’m trying to will into existence. So cheers to letting go.

I’ve had some of the sweetest and most challenging moments of my life this past year. But if all I had was her darling smile, I’d still feel like the luckiest woman in the world. 2018 is already looking magical. Two of my best friends are getting married. Can not wait! #readyfor2018

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