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Eliana Anderson  •WRHS class of 21• •Salmon➡️Sun Valley• Vines/Memes are indeed the best thing to happen to this world, so please send some to me

FAIRly impressed with my experience 🎡

I’m gonna miss my super hot sisters a whole bunch, have fun in college you two😢❤️ @willow_baye_ @_laineyelise_ #ButNotTooMuchFun #ItsOnlyBeen7HoursAndIAlreadyNeedToCallYou #WhatMentalBreakdowns? #AreYouGuysLike...TripletsOrSomething? #IsItTooSoonForYouToComeBack?

Walking across those stepping stones was a NEAR DEATH experience, but the pictures were worth it. #KikiDoYouLoveMeAvocadoAreYouDriving #ScootingISCool#PostPoolMakeup

#Blessed is too basic so I’m #Lucky 😉 @luckyPeak

So... my best friend just graduated. Willow, I’m super proud of you.... but like why couldn’t you just fail a class or two so I’m not all by myself in the monstrosity we like to call high school. I’m gonna miss our jam sessions, car ride talks, and cheesy romance movie nights more than anything. I know you’re going to thrive in the real world, but I wish you the best of luck anyways. I love you willow 😘 #YaDunGraduted #ComeBackSoonAndWatchTheVow2WithMe #feat:liliannaInTheBackground

Having these girls in my life has been one of the most amazing things to ever happen to me. Singing with you crazy, talented ladies makes every day an amazing one. I wouldn’t have been able to go through this year without you all by my side, so thank you so much. And thank you to our honorary Voccetes Sam and Isaac for all your help with this show ❤️

This was more fun than ISAT prep week 👆🏼 #HotFishThrowers

Thank you to these uncontrollable finessers for an amazing first Anaheim trip ❤️ #FINESSED #squad #YouAlreadyKnowThatsASticker #GlitterSafariBarbie #TheSnackThatSmilesBack #Dineylan

Even though we’ve spent the majority of this trip out of control, MF California is where I belong. I’m so glad I get to be here with these amazing people. #Anaheim2k18 #ThisCallsForAChubbyYeet #YouAlreadyKnowThatsASticker

Comin at ya 😉 #mhm Nyewm #mamadidntraisenobitch

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