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Eli Sedlachek  My hair is a story without a happy ending. But really, I don't ask for happy, just an end in embarrassment 😏

The best view regardless of the weather 🌱 Podziwiam bez względu na pogodę

Falling in love with this place again and again 🌱

I've finally found a source that gives necessary information related to very sensitive subject - children vaccination. I read it in two days which is a success in its own right considering all I have time for is getting dressed in the morning and finishing not my breakfast 😉. There's lots of controversy surrounding the mercury/aluminium levels in vaccines, using live viruses, not taking potential complications and side effects into consideration and lots more. A lot more. Informed choice is my right as is the responsibility of health professionals to enable access to such information. Some truths revealed here are shocking: • Not one of the safety trials on the MMR actively followed up the vaccinated children for more than 6 weeks and most for no longer than 3 weeks which is useless for picking up possible long term consequences
• The single mumps vaccine appears to be more effective than the MMR at preventing mumps but health officials have stubbornly refused to offer the option of single vaccine
• Part of doctors salaries comes from achieving targets for children vaccinations, no wonder quantity overshadows quality
• An original manufacturer's fact sheet for MMR had cautioned against giving the vaccine to any children that had suffered convulsions but the JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) had been unhappy with this and had asked for the wording to be amended. Equally we're advised not to vaccinate a child that has a fever or is generally unwell but later the guidelines were revised and 'a mild acute illness, with or without fever' should not prevent a child from being vaccinated.
What is clearly happening here is that we are becoming less and less careful with regards to immunisation. There is no best option but I believe the more we talk about it, the more we request from health officials, the better future for the ones we care for. What are your thoughts? x ▪️▪️▪️

Common view on my routes 🌱 Częsty widok na moich ścieżkach

In love with Italian 😉🍝 #fromsofttoserious

Pinecone football ⚽️

Lost in fun 😉

What an emotional afternoon it was as it was Nadia's last day in Infant School. It's hard to say goodbye especially to such a nice teacher and a great class. But the future is looking good, like daisies from beneath the bush. 🌱 Co za pełne emocji popołudnie! Kiedy kończy się rok szkolny a w dodatku odchodzi nauczyciel i zmienia się klasę, nie może być inaczej. Ale przyszłość wygląda przyjaźnie, tak jak te stokrotki zaglądające zza krzaka nastroszonego kolcami.

Happy kid 🍓

Not even attempting to count the amount of bananas Anthony has devoured this week 😉

Lonely soul ~ Samotna dusza

Smacznego! 🍓

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