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Zia ul Haramein  every single day has constantly been taken away from our lives and we're never gonna get it back.

a 25-year journey isn't enough time to get to know your father completely. but I'm so grateful my dad could understand my teenage recklessness.
and right away after his last breath, I understood that my dad didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. #fathersday

Sometimes, we should take a look at a flower whose petals are dying. It's not perfect anymore. But there is nothing the flower can do to change its situation.
Instead of trying to change what it can't change, the flower will do what it can to provide a last gift of beauty for its surroundings.
Humans should be the same. Nobody is perfect. We are all "dying". None of us can get any younger. So we should be like the flower and focus on giving a gift of beauty to our surroundings regardless of any shortcomings we have. We still have time to give more.

When I'm down on my luck I focus on the fact that life is made up of beautiful moments and the bad ones are only interruptions between them. ~ Rachel Wolchin

Berjalanlah di sampingku. Bahkan ketika aku terlihat beberapa langkah lebih dahulu di depanmu, yakinlah, aku akan selalu menunggumu πŸŽ‹πŸŒΎπŸŒΏ

Getting lost is a good way to find yourself πŸ›³πŸ™πŸŒ‡

my childhood imagination lets me think that there is a bunch of thugs hanging around this house and a dungeon underneath with some innocents in it; yup, I was playing Tenchu too much.

a warm place to start a good day 🍡

this is what I used to think about Takeshi Castle and its ridiculousness 🏯 utterly so real in front of my bare eyes 😲

my ugly phone could ultimately snap a pic I used to see on calendars πŸ“†

a thousand-mile journey is started by one step. be brave to take risks.

This life is a journey, not a destination. Remember when we were born, adzan was given. When we die, salat is prayed. Look, how short life is; only the time between adzan and salat.

there are three types of people having a beautiful morning; - the ones who keep being grateful and optimistic to discover a brand new day - those who keep sinking all the way down in their negative yesterday thoughts - and last of all, those who keep snapping their best spots and post them to social media.

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