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Gracie Waddell  my life be like | UGA '21

One down one to go with my pretty sissy girl🎓

Definitely didn't skip school it's otay doe :)))))

Had a glimpse of my next four years...i like it #moonieistheloml

Joe said the hot ones are always the short ones #itsok #iagree

Graduation is so close and if you're wondering just how close, ask reagan she has a countdown that she informs people about everyday but it's actually kinda cute

Last night I wanna cry

My home skillet

Got a girl from da south side!!!!!!

Happy 21st birthday to my person. I couldn't imagine my life without you by my side and I'm so thankful I don't have to since we'll be yet again living in the same lil city🐾 I'm so proud of you with all that you've accomplished especially UGA PHARMACY SCHOOL!!!!! we really didn't think you'd make it but hey, look at u proving us wrong hahahahah I love you more than you'll ever know sis💓🍾

You already love mark, don't you

She left me for a whole week like who does that

I literally said "no ellie u can't do this"

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