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Elif Mode  Clothing 👗👘 For order: ✉ elifmod3@gmail.com Line: elifmode 📱Whatsapp: 08778-80357595 🌟 Stay young, stay fashionable 🌟

Carina Pants!
Fit to XL
IDR 165.000
Black and navy are SOLD
Still available in brown and red

#recommendedseller #suitablepants

Simply Batik!
Fit to L
IDR 115.000
Pattern 1: available
Pattern 2: SOLD OUT
Pattern 3: available

#bajukantorbatik #recommendedseller #onlineshopjkt

Unique Pants!
Fit to L
IDR 155.000

White and dark blue are SOLD OUT
Still available in blue and grey
#suitablepants #recommendedseller

Chess top to Ms. Adel
You look so beautiful

Thank you for shopping! 😘😘

Back Flower!
IDR 125.000
Fit to M

Still available in broken white
Only one reminder.. Grab it fast!
Happy shopping, univs!
Call, sms, line & WA : 087780357595

Monic Top!
Fit to M
IDR 105.000

Available in: red, kakky, white, navy
#recomended #recommendedolshop
#bajuhangout #bajukantor
Call, sms, whatsapp: 087780357595

Femme Shirt!
IDR 135.000
Fit to M
Available in yellow, pink

#bajukantor #bajuhangout
Call, sms, whats app : 087780357595

Crystal Tribal!
Fit to L
IDR 95.000
Available in black, grey

Valentia Shirt!
Fit to S
IDR 135.000
Available in black, white

#recomended #bajukantor

Call, sms, whats app : 087780357595

Unique pants!
Available in white, blue, dark blue, grey
IDR 155.000

Call, sms, whatsapp, line: 0877-80357595

Valentia Series!
IDR 135.000
Available in black, white

Call, sms, whatsapp, line: 0877-880357595
#bajukantor #recomended

Tune in with Hana Stripe!
Available in tosca, blue, peach, pink
IDR 115.000

Call, sms, whatsapp, line :

Mix and match with our collections!
Dira shirt IDR 125.000
Available in pink, babyblue, black
Carina pants IDR 165.000
Available in red, brown, black

Call, sms, whatsapp, line : 0877-80357595

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