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Elaina  I used to be love struck now I'm just fucked up Hollywood undead ♥♥ Single

Met some really amazing people at peachtree this year. Did ny raffle, went to the woods. All sorts a stuff😝

Wtf is up with the hand??? The answer is i domt have any idea lol

I bought zelda (the doll) a bday present shes 100 years old this year. Everyone say happy bday if u want. she was created in 1919 and its 2019, so im really happy i think she looks adorable.❤❤ #purpledress #doll #olddoll #antiquedoll #babydoll #birthday #beautifulgirls #beautifuldolls

We turned it up to max volume

I love my mom @latinaclough

#undeadarmy #hollywoodundead

Happy ostara! Its the original Easter.


Im gauging up to 9\16 ill be selling all my others if you are curious about any size lemme know cus ill be sellomg them cheap as fuck amd i have some pretty awesome ones

Got my hollywood undead crop top.(edit) To all the people saying i need more clothing all im showing is my belly so pls stop all it does is annoy me it doesmt make me wamna change

Just a thought i had @hunteravallone watch hime hes awesome

I hate smoking but this is the most beautiful man❤❤

On the bottom it says again
So its supposed to say teach women to be women again but it got cropped weird lols but i agree with this statement

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