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ᶻ ᴱ ᴿ Ø ˢ ᴷ ᴵ ᴸ ᴸ ᶻˢ✩  [ᛂᛚᚠᚵᚢᛐᛎ] _:]=🔫Welcome to the Elfen Asylum. No, the patients are NOT FOR SALE. 🚑🔫 the link below is for clicking. @dandeliondeathwish🌻


A baby robot. 🤖🤖🤖#bjd

_:]= 🔫☁️💖💀🚑💉🔪🍼🍭#bjd #elf #balljointeddoll #switchdoll #kawaii

✨SPĀCE✨ is easily one of my most ratchet dolls, Cømet is in the lead tho, he is m u n t . 🔫_:]= #bjd #balljointeddoll #kawaii #trippyart #elf

RANT TIME. I'm really sick of flaky people that specifically tell me that they won't flake, that they are 100% serious about adopting one of my dolls, but suddenly after I tell them the shipping cost, with them fully knowing shipping costs internationally from Australia are expensive beforehand, something that should have been planned way before comes up just at that point. And when you offer an alternative for cheaper shipping they just stop replying when they had quick responses before.🤔 and then you have another person that is doing a layaway and I hold the doll for them for 2 days bc they say they will definitely have the 1st payment on Friday and Friday passes and I email asking if they still want it, NO RESPONSE. HOW SHOCKING. I'm not pissed that they aren't buying the doll, I'm pissed bc they are just rude with not replying, like how hard is it to say "I'm not interested anymore or sorry I can't purchase the doll right now. " instead of (allegedly) lying to me or just ignoring me. This has happened so many times before which adds to why I don't like selling my dolls often. I think people just love screwing me over honestly.

When you can't draw or colour but you do it anyway ✨👍🏽#drawing #trippyart

Little dead dandelion 🌱🌻☁️⚰️#bjd #balljointeddoll #dollchateau #macabreart #morikei

🌱 @dandeliondeathwish 🌱😏😛


Aphid wants a dead unicorn🦄 for his birthday.🌱#bjd #switchdoll #balljointeddoll #greenhair #switchajeong

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