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elevenmadisonpark  New York restaurant from Chef Daniel Humm (@danielhumm) and Will Guidara (@wguidara). #makeitnice

We first adopted the old technique of using a port tong because opening port wine with an everyday wine key was practically impossible with too many crumbled corks to count. With Port, it’s aged in the cellar for years and over time the sugar seals the cork shut. This technique allowed us to remove the cork altogether in a seamless and admittedly pretty cool way. Sometimes we have to look to the past to bring about innovation and it’s been a fun and exciting way to open wine in the dining room for the past few years. When Erica O’Neal, one of our somms, joined our team in January 2018 she started to rethink our set up for the port tong and how to improve its 18th century structure with a more modern twist (and zero accidents). Coming from an engineering background, she built a port tong holder prototype out of wood and binder clips and reimagined how to present old ways of opening Port with more modern tools. She reached out to a metal worker in Long Island City and in six weeks we had our own custom set of port tong holders fit with a design to match our renovation. Watch the full video on our IGTV. #MonthOfInnovative #ElevenMadisonPark

Last month you heard about our cook battles, a chance for our cooks to pair with a sous chef to brainstorm new dishes and techniques for the upcoming season. The cheese course on our current winter menu was a dish inspired by a concept presented at the competition. This tableside course drew inspiration from the fond memories @danielhumm has of the snowy mountains of the Swiss Alps and feeling of the warmth of the fire. As winter comes to an end, we’re sad to see this beloved dish go, but looking forward to the new spring menu. #MonthOfInnovative #ElevenMadisonPark

There's nothing that signifies warm weather more than the sound or smell of cooking on a grill (at least that’s the case for us New Yorkers). We wanted to bring that experience inside our restaurant and back in 2013 we designed these custom grills modeled after the classic Weber grill. Filled with cast-iron briquettes to heat and cook without any smoke, they first were used for savory dishes like Snails with Morels and Ramps. Their use evolved, becoming the perfect vehicle to sear stone fruits like apricots later in the season. #MonthOfInnovative #ElevenMadisonPark

We take great pride in the tea program here at the restaurant and over the years have built up a pretty sizable selection with the help of our friends at @inpursuitoftea. One type of service that we’re always excited to introduce guests to is a traditional Chinese preparation known as gongfu cha, which incorporates a lidded cup called a gaiwan and a slatted wooden tray to catch excess water. The tea is steeped tableside using this gaiwan, and it’s an ideal way to enjoy multiple infusions as the leaves open and release evolving flavors in each cup. We have so much fun sharing about our tea collection and preparing this process tableside for our guests. #MonthOfInnovative #ElevenMadisonPark

For years every meal here has ended with chocolate pretzels. Our nod to the pretzel carts found citywide, but when we renovated the restaurant in 2017 we felt it was time to update our longstanding tradition. Instead of making the chocolate pretzels by hand, we shifted to a more contemporary custom mold to match the evolution of our restaurant. Every morning our pastry team makes hundreds of these and it’s a pretty mesmerizing sight. #MonthOfInnovative #ElevenMadisonPark

We’ve always loved what tableside service can do for a guest’s experience – the connection with the team, the visual show, the opportunity to innovate, and oftentimes a dramatic element. A prime example was the Mushroom with Truffle and Thyme which we served last year. It featured a confit mushroom inside a copper pot that was wrapped with tart flambé dough. Underneath the dough were hidden grilled Portobello mushrooms filled with creminis. Upon cutting the tart, it was brushed with a warm cheddar cream sauce, and finished with freshly grated black winter truffle. It was served alongside sliced Portobello and a mushroom broth. #MonthOfInnovative #ElevenMadisonPark

Many of you might remember our New York-inspired menu that drew inspiration from the food culture and iconic dishes of our city’s past. One dish, or element, that we look back fondly on, but we know was a bit divisive, was the card trick, inspired by the infamous three-card monte card trick. Once a fixture on street corners throughout the city, we wanted to incorporate it into our guest’s experience. Teaching card tricks to our staff was certainly new territory for us, but it brought an exciting new element of service and a fun way to connect with our guests. #ElevenMadisonPark #MonthOfInnovative

It may not be picnic weather just yet, but our picnic course from the New York menu was our way of bringing a quintessential outdoor experience into our dining room. Complete with a handmade basket from Jonathan Kline at Black Ash Baskets, porcelain "paper" plateware courtesy of Virginia Sin, and served atop a blue checkered picnic basket. It featured a whole wealth of our own picnic fare like pretzels, mustard, a Greensward cheese from Jasper Hill Farm, beer-washed cheese from Murray's, and of course a picnic beer from Ithaca Brewing Company. It was always so much fun for us to watch as guests unpacked their picnics and dig in. #MonthOfInnovative #ElevenMadisonPark

When innovative was picked as one of the eleven words used to inspire our team and describe the career of Miles Davis, we knew it had multiple meanings. On the surface it immediately brought to mind original techniques and creative thinking in the kitchen, but it's come to mean so much more. For us, innovation can exist in other places, whether it is in the dining room, the bar, wine cellar, or even the barista station. Most of all, being innovative is reimagining what fine dining can be. This month, we're excited to be focusing on all forms of innovation, some more obvious than others. #MonthofInnovative #ElevenMadisonPark

You voted loud and clear to see how our long-standing whole roasted duck was made, so we’re excited to take you into the kitchen for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Duck with Daikon and Plum. Head over to our latest IGTV to see the full video. #MonthOfSpontaneous #ElevenMadisonPark

We love hearing about our guests and their stories in our restaurant. There were so many favorites that we couldn’t just choose one. Thank you everyone who took the time to share their favorite #ElevenMadisonPark memories with us, especially our winners, @pulkit_gupta and @leyva.78! From touching family moments to Top Gun references, it’s experiences like these that drive us to do what we do each day. #MonthOfSpontaneous

With each passing season, there are dishes that we along with our guests become attached to. We picked a few of our favorites and want to hear which one you might miss the most: ▪️Duck with Daikon & Plum
▪️Foie Gras seared with Apple
▪️Celery Root with Truffle
▪️Lobster with Squash & Kale
We’ll tally up your responses and take you behind-the-scenes as we recreate it from prep to plating. #MonthOfSpontaneous #ElevenMadisonPark

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