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Nai Victoria  💪🏻CPT 🏋 Health/Wellness coach🙏🏻✨ 🍁Canadian 🌅 chasing dreams SC: 👻nai.luhv

"Being bad is so played out..don't be afraid to be a good woman"
A woman who knows how to fight for the right things, how to heal from her wounds and offers healing hands to those who are broken. A woman who gives without expectation, loves without condition and builds her life around her strength of character. Be the kind of woman who can withstand the strongest of storms but radiates sunlight even when the storm rages inside her.
Be a woman who can recognize a good heart, and isn't afraid to be vulnerable in the hardest of moments. The kind of woman who earns respect and is fiercely loyal to those she loves most.
I want my children to grow up knowing I chose to be that kind of woman. In all seasons of my life, even when I can't choose my circumstances..I can choose to be all of these things for them. ❤️
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The sun shines and the sky is calm..and you think the battle is over...but those demons crawl out of the abyss and they seek out the weakest parts of you when the night is darkest. They hunt you down and they will try to suffocate you if you let them. I've fought long and hard hoping I would bury them for good..but they always resurface in different ways. I'll always be ready, knowing they are coming..knowing the next fight will only make me stronger than the last. I set my eyes on the horizon as I struggle to breathe..as they wrap their cold dead hands around my soul..I wait. They squeeze harder and twist my insides..they think they've won tonight. The sun rises and the light pulls me. It calls my name and I remember who I am. I remember why I fought so hard time and time again. The pain is nothing compared to the cage I once lived in. The bars are shattered and the only one who can put me back there... is myself.
The walls I thought I needed are crumbling..and the earth shakes as my storm rages and my soul screams for freedom.. I bring those demons to their knees as they cower and memorize the face I now wear...and once again I find my peace. The fight will be long somedays..it will dampen my spirit just enough that my armor weakens for just a moment..but there are warriors in my life that light a torch for me 🔥Like a beacon they guide me..and catch me when my knees are weak. I find strength in their eyes.
The fight will never be truly over, we will all face our battles time and time again..in the most unexpected ways..but it's in those darkest moments that we truly find out what we are made of. What makes us human. It's what truly changes us.
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31..Mother. daughter. Sister. Granddaughter. Old Friend. New friend...Best friend. Lover. Confidante. Colleague. Ex-wife. Ex-girlfriend. Ex-doormat and Ex-drinker.
Immigrant. Empath. Dog lover. Fitness addict. Wellness advocate. Fighter. Moral upholder..Dreamer..forgiver. Cheerleader and advice giver.
Artist, writer, novel reader, half a movie watcher and forgot my keys, lost my keys kind of digger.
Coffee drinker, meal prepper...but donuts in bed kind of eater. Dance on my own partier. Music feeler..sock hater and barefoot in the grass walker. Ocean breather. Mountain climber. Forest wanderer.
There are so many things that make up who I am...and who I'm becoming. So many people who have become part of the woman I am.
Today I am grateful for all of them. All those things are reflected in my eyes and I'm not afraid to be every single one of them. Every thing that has happened in my life has broken and rebuilt me in some form. Every day I am learning about myself and the people around me. I struggle, I succeed. I break and overcome. I inhale the dark and feel every bit of it but I exhale light and savor each breath. Wherever this life takes me..I'm ready for all of it. 💫
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🔥🔥DAMN. RIGHT. 🔥🔥🤘🏻🤘🏻
My #wcw goes out to all my strong 💪🏻and powerful women who are putting in work every single day to build something for themselves in this world 😍
They aren't waiting on anyone to pave a road for them...and they certainly don't want cheap flavorless success. #womenwithclass
There are days when I'm drained from being a mom..the laundry is piling, the dishes are slowly starting to taunt me and the crumbs in the carpet are reaching an embarrassing level (😑 don't judge me)
I have moments where I just want to lay my head down and do what's easy...nothing. But my soul won't let me...i have to stay loyal to my vision.
I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I WANT 🔥 ..and in order to stay dedicated and focused on my vision✨ I have to sacrifice and stay committed to pushing through.
No one is going to hand me the keys to my kingdom. I need to get up everyday, lay that solid foundation and start building with my bare hands. Tomorrow may require more of me than today did but I will always rise to the challenge. I am ready when opportunity to grow and learn reaches my fingertips. I grab on tight and use every bit of it to continue building, creating, living and experiencing the amazing journey towards my vision✨
#womenwhogrow #womenwhoinspire #wcw #wildandfree #journey #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #momswholift #momsofinstagram #successfulwomen #drive #determination #fitness #fitchick #healthandfitness #mindfulness #wellness #gritandvirtue #strongwomen #powerfulwomen #loyalty #class #truth

One day you will be grown. You will go your own way and walk a path that requires me to let you go.
You will be scared, anxious, excited and eager all at the same time. I know your heart, so I don't ever worry that you won't do right by others. I know your kindness and It's beautiful ❤️
One day you will hurt. You will beg me to make it better and I'll want desperately to be able to fix things..but this life is about absolute growth and I know all of your obstacles..as tough as they seem.. are opportunities to grow into the woman you will become. It will be worth it..
One day your self worth will be challenged. When that happens I want you to remember this moment..when I wrapped you up in my arms and I whispered into your hair all the reasons why I love you. Remember where you came from and who loves you and don't let anyone take that away from you. The people that deserve to be in your life will never make you question your worth.
One day you will realize that the choices I made that you didn't always agree with..were for a reason. A bigger picture. And that picture will come into focus as you experience life. I know you will be able to face decisions in your life with confidence because you saw me make choices that required sacrifice..and struggle. It allowed me to grow in ways I never even saw coming. I know you will see that reflected in how I choose to live my life and I can only hope you will understand that I did those things because I know my own worth as a woman.
One day you will look into a mans eyes and you will see why it was so important for me to raise you the way I did. Being a strong woman for yourself is one thing..but to be a truly good, strong woman for an honest man..that requires so much growth, patience and a very deep understanding that comes from how you CHOOSE to face your life. One day the child like light you carry will dim and the fire you build from the inside out will blaze..but for right now, I just want to cherish this moment. Enjoy each second of how small you are in my arms. Hold your hand tight until the time comes when I'll have to hold it a little less.

☀️This is home..where the sand molds around my feet and pulls me close. Where the salt air clings to my skin and I can taste it lingering on my lips. Where the unreachable glassy surface dances with the fire of the sun..and the vastness of the horizon loudly reminds me of how small I really am. 🌊How small we ALL are compared to the magnificent size of this world, this galaxy..this universe. We are all bright tiny stars in an infinite sky..and even though I will always acknowledge my own power..My choice to be a constant pillar of strength for my children and to fight fiercely for those I hold close to my heart comes from knowing that this is all I can control in this life.
I cannot control other people or the unavoidable situations that life throws into our day..I cannot control time...or energy.
We can only control OUR actions..we can control how we treat ourselves and others ❤️ We can control how we react. We can choose to better ourselves in every situation and to elevate those around us. I can take the direction of my life and change it by simply choosing how I react to everything set in front of me.
I took some time this last weekend and chose to let go. To be free of any responsibility..to allow my heart to heal. To feel at peace with where I am in my journey ✨ I swam into the ocean and let the water cleanse the darkest parts of me as I get ready for the next battle I face..not knowing what's ahead but preparing myself and my heart for the uncontrollable. I needed to breathe..deeply and effortlessly. So I could once again..feel the deepness in my lungs and the strength of my own heart. Find your home☀️..find your light🔥 Let it be a reminder that this life is truly a gift..given in the hopes that you will become more 💪🏻that you will do more and LEARN more than just the bare minimum. 💯🙏🏻
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Today was my last day at a job that got me through probably one of the most difficult times in my life. 🙏🏻I was able to get on my feet and find some stability after my divorce. Setting aside some personal goals and the vision I had for myself so that I could start over..square one was an empty cardboard box 📦 ..that felt like it was going to be impossible to climb out of..but I did🙌🏻💪🏻
It was bittersweet saying goodbye to that chapter and to the people I've come to love there...but I'm on to new experiences, better opportunities for myself and a chance to grow even more towards the vision I have..and I couldn't be more excited 😝I am officially starting my new job next week with @naturalselectpreps! I'll be over in the brand new location at clarksville athletic club so if you haven't had a chance to check us out..come by and say hi in the weeks ahead!! As for now, I'm off for a few days..time for a little vacay in the sun before it's full speed ahead for this lady! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🔥

😝🤘🏻🔥 Bringing some zen to my intense workout the other day over @war_roomgymllc with two of my favorite people @torchfit and @tmfjoshscott93 🔥
These guys bring so much to my life 💛With all the bullshit in this world they are two people I know I can count on. 💪🏻👊🏻I have learned an incredible amount from both of them and the respect I have for them goes beyond their style of training and their immense knowledge that comes with years of experience living this lifestyle. I'm so grateful to the people that raised these men. The world needs more of them. 🙏🏻 #fitfam #warroom #TMF #torchedmusclefitness #training #onlinecoaching #myguyz #womenwholift #womenwhogrow #wildandfree #fitmom #fitchick #doyouevenhandstand #radiatelight #grateful #friendshipgoals #genuinepeople #drive #determination #vision #respect #momsofinstagram #momswholift #clarksvilletn #nashville #motivation #humpday

I want to swim for eternity. I want to be surrounded and swallowed whole by the waves of this life.
I want to burn. Consumed by the fire that grows wilder inside of me each and everyday..until that white heat turns my dark ashes into bright countless stars. ✨
Those constellations are pumping through my body..stringing together each breath as I inhale and exhale each moment..they pass through me like the soft white sand between my hands. Impossible to grasp, to hold onto. The ones that linger..the slower moments that leave a stain on my lips, soften my hands and heat my blood.. They will be etched deep into my veins, painted on my heart and singed against my bones forever. 🔥

🙌🏻🔥Today started like a classic "Monday"..but I wasn't about to let it all go to shit. When you feel that heavy weight of responsibility, obligation and not knowing if you even have the energy for another week ahead..remember why you are there. Remember why you put in work everyday. Everyone has different reasons..a different vision for themselves. I'm not going to waste one single day I'm given. I take the opportunity to make it one for the books and I take advantage of the time I have left in my day to push myself..grow myself and choose gratitude for the ability to do those things each and every day 🙏🏻✨ #womenwholift #fitmom #fitfam #womenwhoinspire #momswholift #momsofinstagram #fitchick #loyalty #strength #drive #motivationmonday #radiatelight #wildsoul #wildandfree

The best parts of my life, as I've come to realize recently..are those unexpected moments that I didn't see coming..the ones that sink into my heart and imprint heavily like an anchor ⚓️ ..Those little surprises that take my breath away and stir up the fire in my soul 🔥
This one life..as I write my story..is beginning to fill up with these little moments..allowing me the opportunity to see people and places in a whole new light. Those memories are gifts that I will never take for granted. I will hold onto them when the waters are rough and I struggle to find my footing. When the sky is dark and I fight to stay afloat...they will keep me steady.
This one✨..this moment 💛sank in deep and isn't letting go.

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