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Elevate Your Voice  This is the IG home of Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC); promoting social justice for Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander communities.


《《 #PILOTWithdrawals Post 》》
Sharing this beautiful video made by the brilliant @tongavictoria of #PILOTCohort2. This is 1 part of a 4-part video so check it out on her IG.
Her words remind us of Tongan scholar, Dr. Konai Helu Thaman, who is as eloquent with language and expression as her younger relative here.
Feels appropriate to share one of Dr. Konai Helu Thaman's poem.

you say that you think
therefore you are
but thinking belongs
in the depths of the earth
we simply borrow
what we need to know
these islands the sky
the surrounding sea
the trees the birds
and all that are free
the misty rain
the surging river
pools by the blowhole
a hidden flower
have their own thinking
they are different frames
of mind that cannot fit
in a small selfish world

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<<< #PILOTWithdrawals Post >>>
LA Harbor College's president, Dr. Lee, welcoming our #PILOTCohortX to the campus on the morning of #PILOTMonday! The room was so bare and plain. Our new cohort was quiet and reserved. Alumni and staff were secretly excited in their anticipation of the week to come. We were all nervously giddy about the transformation awaiting each person. With Micronesian music setting the tone for the day, bagels and coffee for morning strength, our young leaders settled into the uncertainty of PILOT. It is only Monday, after all. What followed this reception was Lifelines; the ocean rose up and began a homecoming journey reminiscent of villages welcoming back their sons and daughters from sea.
If you're feeling a bit nostalgic and sentimental today, #PILOTWithdrawals is a REAL feeling. Share some of your #PILOTMonday pictures and tag us. We can create our own virtual #ManaRoom right here all week long.
#PILOTfam #CohortX #ElevateYourVoice #EmpoweredPI

And just like that...we became FAMILY! Thank you for your hearts, your minds, and your mana; forever #PILOTCohortX!
We love you and send you off to the world with our wildest dreams. We are always here as we continue to link our outriggers together.
#Xmarksthespot #PILOTCohortXcellence #PILOTCohortXceedingXpectations
#ElevateYourVoice #EmpoweredPI
Pc: @carvoncarvoncarvon

We stand on your shoulders! Thank you for spending time with our Pacific Islander Leaders of Tomorrow!
#LeaderChats #PILOTCohortX #EmpoweredPI #ElevateYourVoice

Nia sharing her migration story, "The degree I got wasn't just a piece of paper."

Decolonizing and transforming spaces! "We are not defined by the smallness of our islands but the the greatness of our oceans." ~ 'Epeli Hau'ofa
When they don't create space for us, we find ways to create space for ourselves.
#PILOTCohortX #ElevateYourVoice #EmpoweredPI

Part of our responsibility to one another is to hold each other when we need moments to heal.
We are sharing this opportunity created by our NorCal Chamoru community to come together to be there for each other under the recent threats to our islands.
This event will be Thursday, August 17, 2017; 6pm - 8pm. It will be at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco.
Let's take care of one another in this time. Hit up @tiffspy for any information.
#ElevateYourVoice #EmpoweredPI

We love our alumni who come back cohort after cohort to support the new additions to our #PILOTfam.
#PILOTCohortX #ElevateYourVoice #EmpoweredPI

Fearlessly facing the future; knowing the stock we come from.
#PILOTCohortX #ElevateYourVoice #EmpoweredPI

Opening up our week of #PILOTCohortX being reminded of what is at stake. Education = Resistance. #ElevateYourVoice #EmpoweredPI

A screening of Pacific Islander films that you don't want to miss! •

Friday, August 25, 2017 @ 7pm
Carson Community Center •


Don't miss out! S/O to Aleks Muñoz of @fyifilms for bringing this to our communities. #ChamorroFilmmaker #EmpoweredPI #FightOn #ElevateYourVoice

Today, we created space and shared community with educators who are championing progress for Paciific Islander students. So happy to have shared with Highline College (Washington), Mira Costa College (Oceanside, CA), Irvine Valley College & Coastline College (both from Orange County, CA), American River College (Sacramento, CA), and Mt.SAC (Walnut, CA). Thank you to MtSAC and their ARISE Program for allowing us to share in this space. S/O to @mz_abii & Ana Bordallo of #PILOTCohort8, Finau Toki & Afeleti Malieitulua of MtSAC for your elevating your voices as #NHPI students.
We must always link our outriggers together so we can share life with each other.
#EzRepost @maliafeofaaki with @ezrepostapp

Proud of the #EPIC group for shining light on the community!!! Also for all the other groups that came together for the support!!! #EmpoweringPacificIslanderCommunity
#ProudIslander #FirstofMany

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