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Elevate Your Voice  This is the IG home of Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC); promoting social justice for Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander communities.


If you're available on Monday, May 1st - join us at EPIC as we march to RESIST! Historically, May Day march has stood for workers rights to protect working families. Today, we have a lot of rights we have to protect and fight for! Join us this Monday!!! Please let us know if you're available to join us! We can meet at our office! DM us!!! #EmpoweredPI #ElevateYourVoice #EPIC #NHPI

This images says, when you place into a lower math course from assessment test, you're less likely to transfer! So many of our PI college students don't take assessment tests seriously, thinking that they might as well start low and easy then work from there. Bad thing is, placing so low means you will take years just to get to college level courses necessary to transfer. #KnowYourInfo #KnowTruth #ElevateYourVoice #EmpoweredPI

If you start 100 students from each racial group in the community college system, this is what the pipeline into higher education looks like. female#/male#. Do you see this?
And yes, we don't have NHPI data. #ElevateYourVoice #HigherEducation

DID YOU APPLY YET? Deadline is May 1st.
bit.ly/NPISITE for application!
Native & Pacific Islander Summer Intensive Transfer Experience (NPI SITE) is a program of UCLA's Center for Community College Partnerships.
#EmpoweredPI #ElevateYourVoice

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Our ancestors passed down cultural knowledge and cultural wisdom to ensure we always know who we are and where we come from. Our cultures and our customs are the foundation of our identities. Now-a-days, many of us pursue higher education and reach heights our ancestors once dreamed of, but how are we passing down that knowledge to our families and our communities? How are we ensuring that the generations after us have a better understanding of how to navigate the treacherous seas of higher education? Education has always been a communal experience and we must follow the intentions of our ancestors and pass down the knowledge to the next generation.
APPLY TODAY! *Link in our bio*
#EmpoweredPI #ElevateYourVoice #EPIC #PILOTfam #PILOT2017 #NHPI

#MoanaMonday Our individual identities cross many intersections based on ethnicity, gender, physical appearance, beliefs, interests, political views and sexual preferences. There are societal standards and expectations of these intersections that stem from white male heteronormative privilege and oppression. So how does one survive outside of the standard and expected intersections without being shamed, abandoned, disowned, and disregarded? How do we prevent one from spiraling into a pool of self-hate?
Project ALOFA proudly presents PASIFIKA PRIDE! Join us May 19-20, 2017 for the first time ever, PASIFIKA PRIDE, where we will address topics and issues that impact Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander queer people everyday. It's imperative for such a space to exist! Please join us!!! To REGISTER or for more information, check out the website: www.pasifikapride.org ALL WELCOME! We hope to see you there!!! EPIC is a proud partner of Pasifika Pride! #PasifikaPrideLB #EmpoweredPI #ElevateYourVoice #NHPI #PasifikaPride2017 #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #lgbtcommunity #EPIC

To define education is to not restrict its definition to the classroom! How do you see (your) education as a form of resistance? Share your responses with us in the comments. We're gonna collect your responses and build a collective definition.
Join us this summer for our 4th year running Pacific Islander Leaders Of Tomorrow (PILOT), EPIC's leadership development program. ** Application Link is in our bio**
#EmpoweredPI #ElevateYourVoice #PILOT2017 #PILOTfam #PILOT #NHPI #HigherEducation

Our hearts are filled with Mana as our El Camino College partners and students present at #APAHE on our collaborative work to increase academic success rates of our NHPI students on their campuses. Thank you all for your hard work and preparation to share our work! It takes a village and our village is growing and sustaining itself! Thank you to Sina, Atheneus, Kelsey and students for reppin' for EPIC and PILOT! #EmpoweredPI #ElevateYourVoice #EPIC #ECC #ElCaminoCollege #NHPI #HigherEducation #PILOT #PILOTfam #PILOT2017

EPIC history in motion! Meet the team that delivered a fruitful and engaging Faculty Training at El Camino College (ECC) titled "Native Hawaiians & Pacific Islanders (NHPI) in Higher Education." Today was amazing to work with our team and our students to present a meaningful training for ECC faculty and staff on how to best serve our NHPI students on their campus. Here are some quotes from ECC staff: "thank you so much for a most awesome session! From talking to various faculty, I heard over and over again how today’s session helped them better understand and connect to their NHPI students. I think you went over and beyond the goals you had set for the session!" - Christina Nagao "It was exactly what our faculty needed to help us begin to better serve our NHPI students." - Scott Kushigemachi
Thank you to our partners at ECC: Atheneus, Scott, Kelsey, Idania, Monica, and most of all, Sina Fifita! ✊🏾❤️ #EmpoweredPI #ElevateYourVoice #EPIC #ElCaminoCollege #ECC #NHPI #HigherEducation

#WokeWednesday Are you a Pacific Islander college student? Have you recognized how many Pacific Islanders are on your campus? How many classes do you have where you're the only Pacific Islander? Are 2 or more of your professors Pacific Islander?
If you're a Pacific Islander college student and you're thinking deeply about your answers to these questions, the PILOT program is for you! For more information, click on the link in our bio! APPLY TODAY! #EmpoweredPI #EPIC #ElevateYourVoice #PacificIslander #Micronesia #Melanesia #Polynesia #Oceania #PILOTfam #PILOT

We are proud to announce that PILOT Institute 2017 is made possible this summer by our partnerships with El Camino College and Los Angeles Harbor College. It's about to go down this summer on both of these campuses.
If you are a Pacific Islander college student, this program is FOR YOU! PILOT Institute 2017 Application is now open!
APPLY TODAY ---> bit.ly/pilotsummer2017 (link in bio)
S/O to our PILOT alumni, Lei Lomaloma, 'Inoke Hafoka, and Ron Mendiola, for being awesome models and representatives for our people.
#EmpoweredPI #ElevateYourVoice #EPIC #Micronesia #Melanesia #Polynesia #PILOT #PILOTfam #PacificIslander #Resist #Education=Resistance #ElCaminoCollege #LAHarbor #LAHarborCollege

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