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✨We've launched! ✨ One of the missions of Elevate By Grace is connecting with individuals across cultures. Therefore, our brand donates a percentage of profits to our partners in Thailand. Although the pants are epic, this project is much greater than “fashion.” Our impact supports another small business abroad and potentially contributes to the wellbeing of their familial circles. Available on •elevatebygrace.com/shop•

✨Wellness product of the week ✨ My organic scrub and body butter set from @jadenmoonsoaps have increased the softness in my hands and feet TENFOLD. The Raspberry Tart flavor literally smells like candy. 😩😍 I ration my usage because I want them to last forever lol. Full review will be posted on •elevatebygrace.com•

As I've aged a bit, I've realized the importance of investing in statement pieces rather than buying a plethora of items that I won't wear next year. Only 2 days until the Thai silk pants launch. 🕊

I intend to offer a piece of my travel experience through these Thai silk pants. It was a pleasure distributing in Melrose and Venice. After selling out and reviewing the inquiries in my DM's/texts, I organized another shipment straight from my plug in Thailand. This Wednesday I'll be offering different colors on •elevatebygrace.com•
Stay connected. 🕊✨✨
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yella diamonds ✨✨

The only medicine I will ever need grows from the earth. ✨

I really, really love water 💦

I could never eat a boring salad; you should never eat a boring salad. •

I just posted my simple salad prep on elevatebygrace.com. Check it out 😛

This photo makes me miss Thailand so much. I initially decided against posting it due to the negative associations it may receive. But let's decondition our minds from over-sexualizing the human body and instead focus on the more important aspects of life - like this impressive ocean water and impeccable skyline lol. Watch my Thailand video on YouTube right before Netflix tonight. ✨

Thailand vlog | Thai review & Story time. My favorite islands, hotels, activities, and experiences in Thailand + tips for traveling are all in my latest video. Link in bio, per usual. ✨✨

SOON: I'm finally uploading my review video on Thailand and the breathtaking islands I visited while there. I'll be including tips for traveling in Thailand + getting the most of out the experience. Stay tuned ✨

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