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Jess🌼  🇻🇪🇨🇴✈️🌎

The older sister I call mami ❤️✨ #happymothersday

I'm actually European at heart ❤️ ✨🇬🇷 #illbeback #Eurotour #savethedate #Sept2017 #greeklife

Earth needs no filters. Protect and love thy planet always ❤ #earthday 🌍

"When others go low we go high" Can I just take a minute to vulgarly address how artistically genius More Life is just how every song flows into the next song my favorites are Jorja Interlude to Get It Together and Can't Have Everything to Glow. Don't get me started on the lyrics and on Sandi's advice to Aubrey it's safe to say I like this album more than Life of Pablo although they're incomparable artists because of how different they are but wow obsessed #morelife🌺 #everyday sorry for the f bomb I know I'm going to H E double hockey sticks for saying it on Good Friday #forgiveme

Only bc I'm always in lala land ✨ #bestmotionpicture #tome

Unruly, Unruly, Maddas ✨🏛 #morelife🌺 #blemforreal

You can go ahead and leave me on black sand beach forever ✨🖤🇬🇷

After so many years my temple has been well kept 😝✨🏛

Passionate from miles away ❤🇬🇷✨🏛 #morelife🌺

I'm blem for real 👑 #morelife🌺

🐴 Don🔑

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