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Babygirl👼🏻🎀🍭  •Ꮯɑɠliαri, Ꮪαrdєgnα, ᴵᵀᴬ📍 •Ꮮicєσ Ꮪciєnzє Umαnє Ꭼlєσnσrα d'Ꭺrвσrєα📚 Be mentally attractive

I like people with emotional and intellectual depth, people that speak with passion from their twisted mind


My heart is a soft little pink cloud full of sunshine and warmth☁️💖

please be soft and gentle with my glitter heart🍬

Hobbies: pretending to be a pink magical baby girl

My soul is baby pink and very expensive

My bed is my cloud and i’m the little angel that sleeps on it ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭

I just want you to kiss my forehead and call me a good girl and take me to the toystore and let me color pictures for you and set rules for me and make sure I’m safe and call me princess and and and and
Is that too much to ask? 👼🏻

Sono un marshmallow con un cuore di granito ♡

Call me princess and let me wear your hoodies, cuddle me and buy me kitty collars and Japanese food, tell me i’m too small to do anything and just hold me, please

I was an angel and they turned my halo into a choker

#snapchat 🌸🎀
Quanto me la tiro in sti video?🤔

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