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Thank you so much, @julicious619, for going over with me step-by-step how to cook your infamous Mien-style ka soy. I will never ever forget this experience. 💛 And all that chili sauce I put in?... Cleared my sinuses right up!! lol 😁 It was really good catching up with you and @macadocious510, and I hope the next time we all meet again will be sooner than later.
#KaSoy #KhaoSoi #Mien #Oakland #NRBWAdventures #NRBWNoms #mytripisdone

Desperately ran around Tenderloin the other night trying to find some decent pho and came across this unexpected gem instead. I had no idea what Bò 7 Món was, but the waitress was kind enough to explain every single dish to me and showed me how to put everything together. As much as I wanted to make it to Day 3 for OutsideLands, this meal gave me life! 🙌
Course 1: Gỏi bò (Beef Salad) - pickled daikon 👌
2: Bò nhúng dấm (Beef Fondue) - thinly sliced tenderloin beef in warm vinegar
3: Bò chả đùm (Steamed Beef Paté)
4: Bò nướng mỡ chài (Grilled Beef Sausage)
5: Bò nướng lá lốt (Beef Wrapped in Hawaiian Lot Leaf
6: Bò nướng sả (Grilled Beef and Lemongrass)
7: Cháo Bò (Beef Rice Soup) - Real talk, it was really just beef jook (congee/porridge), but it was the BEST BEEF JOOK I've ever had. Like an energy elixir from the Asian food gods, loaded with ginger, beef bits, and green onions... that ish woke me right up. 😃
#Bo7Mon #7CoursesOfBeef #AnhHong #Tendernob #SanFrancisco #NRBWNoms #vietnamesefood

My travel buddy and me! 💕
Tribe Called Quest pulled a major fail and canceled (again), so Claude VonStroke came in to sub. I was so bummed for my friends, but when that house music came on... 💃 #dancedancedance #unceunceunce 😁
Thank you, @VonStroke! #Dirtybird #OutsideLands2017 #GoldenGatePark #SanFrancisco #NRBWAdventures #TravelYoda

Don't have many pictures from yesterday because #TravelYoda insisted on getting me a Peach Daisy cocktail from the @LarcenyBourbon booth. It was so good, we ended up going back multiple times for more! 😁 #wewasLIT #bourboncocktail #LarcenyBourbon #OutsideLands2017 #GoldenGatePark #SanFrancisco

The universe always manages to have me bump into a Sister at a music festival lol 😉 Happy you found me, Minnie! Love you and congrats again 💛 #KZΦ #OutsideLands2017 #GoldenGatePark #SanFrancisco

Guava prosecco mixers and rosé pops make for excellent OSL pre-gaming. And yes, it's 11AM lol. #blessed 🙏 #SanFrancisco #NRBWAdventures

I grew up in LA and live in Vegas, so naturally, I find this appalling. ❄ I knew it was gonna be cold, but damn lol #NRBWAdventuresFAIL 😁 #SanFranciscoSummer

...I was *juuuust* about to post how happy I am that our plane has finally left the gate... only for our Captain to tell us that WE ARE DELAYED AT LEAST ANOTHER HOUR BECAUSE SFO JUST SHUT DOWN DUE TO WEATHER. We are now taxiing back to our gate so that we can now wait back at the airport.
I am literally dying right now. #NRBWAdventuresFAIL

Original morning flight to San Francisco canceled, and early afternoon replacement flight that's already been delayed six times is now leaving at 5:30pm. Needless to say: #TRAVELYODA IS NOT AMUSED. 😡 #imbeingchallenged #challengeACCEPTED #SFOorbust #NRBWAdventures

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