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Elena Taber  fight for what's right⚡️ ca ☆ nyc 💌elenataberyt@gmail.com

Extremely thankful for the fall season :,) I’m still in awe of these colors

22 baby!! I’m ready to kick some a$$ this year! But seriously, I am incredibly grateful for this past year and I can’t believe how much my life has managed to change in just the span of 12 months. I am thrilled to see what unfolds moving forward💫

Every New Yorker cringes when I tell them this is my first winter😅 I always ask for advice on how to survive and the consistent recommendations are good boots, a thick coat, and long-lasting moisturizer

CHEESING because even though life is strange and I often times feel like I still have no idea what I’m doing or where I’m going, everyday is such a gift!! 10/10 would recommend spending time outside or smiling at a stranger today (yes, even you new yorkers out there. i know most people will look at you like you’re crazy but it might just make someone’s day 🤷🏻‍♀️)

Any time I'm in a new city, art museums are my go to place to explore. Sooo, getting to wander around the Met for hours is my dReAm💫 If you're looking for an adventure soon, @bookingcom has got you covered! Get $30 off your next booking with the link in my bio. Now go explore!! #bookingcom #ad

Fun fact: As a kid, I wanted to be an archeologist when I grew up. Part of it was because my compulsive tendencies at the time made the idea of getting to brush away dirt and organize little artifacts sound so fulfilling. But also a large part of it was my fascination with faraway lands. I wanted to be a modern Indiana Jones and reach the far corners of the world. Being here makes me feel like I’m living out my childhood dream !!!💫

brb trying to figure out how can i stick one of these rugs in my suitcase home

I can neither confirm or deny this but someone told me that Oman has more camels than humans and I’m here for it🐫

It’s been such a delight traveling to a region where you can truly see the handprints of time. From what I’ve learned, Oman is constantly developing and modernizing but holds true to centuries old traditions and culture unlike any place I’ve even been before. I’m already plotting for future adventures to under the radar countries to visit and could use some recommendations😏

A visual recap of a desert adventure! We drove deep into the Arabian desert until the dunes got the best of us and had to push the cars out with some extra help from the bedouin tribesmen passing through. I slept in a tent at the 1000 nights camp and watched the sun rise over the vast, barren horizon. Despite the heat and the whole technical difficulty part, I could get used to this😊

my favorite hobby at the moment is most definitely shopping at the local souk & buying one too many silver rings :-)

I spent the day exploring some of the most beautiful natural geography I’ve ever come across with new friends🌴 After driving along the coast of the Gulf of Oman, we ended up at Wadi al-Shab. The cliff sides were peppered with mountain goats and palm trees filled the open valley. As we made our further along the cliff side path, we were met with this crystal clear river. We ended up swimming through the rock ways, into caves, and around waterfalls. Needless to say, it was pure magic💫

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