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When I was in sixth grade, I sat on the bookshelf instead of my chair. Mrs. Danahy called me “Perchie” and let me sit there as long as I wasn’t talking out of turn, which sometimes happened, when I’d be relegated to my regular desk. We had a good thing, she and I. As long as I paid attention and showed up, she’d let me sit there. My bird’s eye view of the class was valuable then. Jonah’s now in sixth grade, so I’m trying to remember who I was in order to serve him.

This week I was super nervous to teach @practice.you to a crew of high school people about their inner life, how to observe and eventually modulate their innermost conversation. Reading, I realize, has a lot to do with the quality of my dialogue inside, and so does writing. My hope is that @practice.you will help open us all up and bring the long-buried details to life. .
This is an image of me perched on another shelf, teaching that class, offering to those humans right from my heart. .“A story does not need to be hot. Stories are usually about a modest salvation. Events took us on a journey that was inconvenient or scary, and changed us, in ways that helped us feel more connected to life, made it more spacious and welcoming. .“...It’s ridiculous how hard life is. Denial and avoidance are unsuccessful strategies, but truth and awareness mend. Writing, creation, and stories are food. .“...The right story can show us how to lighten up. .“...I tell the six-year-olds that if they want to have great lives, they need to read a lot or listen to the written word. If they rely only on their own thinking, they will not notice the power that is all around them, the force-be-with-you kind of power. Reading and writing help us take the blinders off so we can look around and say ‘Wow,’ so we can look at life and our lives with care, and curiosity, and attention to detail, which are what will make us happy and less afraid.” .Thank you @annelamott for your new (and every) book. I’ve pasted the link to it below. And thank you my Mama for always having something around for me to read. Still going.


In response to your wholesale inquiries. Teachers, teacher trainers, schools, healing centers, studios, retreat facilitators, retreat centers, recovery programs of all kinds, email sales@soundstrue.com.

The Journal and now the @practice.you Deck are helping heal hearts in diverse settings; I’m at your service to answer questions too. Thank you.

Supporting my artisan friends is an honour, and today I’ve a treat for you and a friend.

Designed with intention, each piece of @tinyomjewellery carries poetry and soul protection. Zoom in to see the intricate beauty of this piece. I’m gifting two of these 18k Gold Sahasrara pendants to you and a friend; here’s how to win. 👑 Name your favourite Chakra below, and why (Mine: Sahasrara, the crown, which grows my spine and grants me direction upwards)
👑 Tag a dear friend in your comment who’d love this protection too, and
👑 Be sure you’re both following @tinyomjewellery to win
I’ll randomly select and announce a winner on Sunday evening, Nov. 18th! 💝

Mama. I know this isn’t all that’s left of you, but I also know how much this place meant to you. So I’m here. With all my tears. Thank you. And thank you Jessie and Daddy for the last-minute navigation.

Falling in love with this little person, past and present, full acceptance. Thank you God for another day sober, for an exceptional evening with people I love, and for the simplest knowing that keeps moving us to transform what aches into moments of growing.

Thank you @yung_pueblo

The @practice.you cards have prompts to write, to move, to ask, to pray. May they guide you to tend to the quality of your presence every blessed day.

Today’s selects. Choose yours; I’ll show you each, clockwise from top left 🔮 @practice.you

The @practice.you Deck is here. Our new ritual. Will you forgive me if I post a few more images in succession?? (Preorder link in profile.)

“The Earth laughs in flowers.” 🌺
My travel companions. Magnolia helps me repattern respect for all the phases of my life. Jasmine asks me to be more sensual, more soft. Neroli reminds me to slow down and listen. And Rose is heart balm; reminds me to forgive myself again and again. Recalibrated and refined my vision on personal retreat this week. To learn about our growing global team of teachers, simply email me at info@elenabrower.com. Our US, Australia and EU families are growing; both stellar students and future leaders keep showing up. Best career choice I’ve ever made. To our team family, I LOVE YOU today and every day.

Prayer Haiku, Belated 48th Birthday. 🌊
At peace in this skin. Sharing for all women. Softer. Stronger. Home.

Waves of healing here; annual pilgrimage complete. Juicy new creations and flavours surging. Coming back soonest to my home away from home. Feels like so much is emerging right now.

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