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ELENA BESSER  🎥: TV HOST, Producer, Video, Photo, Recipe Developer 📩: elena.r.besser@gmail.com Formerly @lilianewyork & @spoonuniversity Highlights by @doot_doodles

Frozen bananas covered in dulce de leche and vanilla wafer cookie crumbs. Yes pUHLEAZE.
I turned my favorite— banoffee pie, into a healthier frozen-banoffee pop. Think chocolate covered bananas but BETTER. In the archives on the blog.
Hope you give this a look, been working hard to build out a blog that showcases some easy and creative recipes for you to make at home. I also have a YouTube page (if you haven’t checked that out yet, link in bio), and I’m making an exciting ANNOUNCEMENT on Monday so be sure to look out for that.
The hustle is REAL my friends but we gotta keep fighting and putting in the work to turn our dreams into a reality.
Happy friyay fam, love you and appreciate your support 😘

Me, thinking about how easy it is to cut up a chicken... vid tutorial in bio.
🔪 🐔
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Cheese board tip: fill all the empty spaces and don’t worry about things looking too perfect...it’s better to have a beautiful mess.
#bessersbasics #cheeseboards

#fbf to nitro cold brew floats...making me miss summer.
- 1 can nitro cold brew
- 2 scoops vanilla ice cream
Steps: pour nitro cold brew over ice cream and enjoy the hell out of it 🥰

I’ve been getting tons of questions about how to make celery juice at home if you don’t have a juicer, and the answer is simple — a blender.
AND I made a video all about it on my YouTube channel. New videos every Wednesday. LINK IN BIO 😎
#celeryjuice #medicalmedium

Back in the BIG APPLE 🍎 after a fab holiday in Chicago and Turks and Caicos recharging with family and friends.
Ready to take on 2019, camera in one hand and knife in the other. Cooking and capturing content with no signs of slowing down.
#letsgetit2019 #youaintseennothingyet

Want to know how to make these roasted sweet p’s?

Want to know how to throw a dinner party on a budget and eliminate a ton of the stress that comes with entertaining?

All that info and more on my latest YouTube vid. Link in bio 😎


Looking back on this year with a big smile on my face🌞

I’ve launched a blog, a YouTube channel, filmed a web series (working on a new one now), filmed a few other exciting things that are coming out in a couple months from now (I’ll be sure to let you know when when they come out, don’t you worry haha) and busted my butt every step of the way.

There have been MANY moments of self-doubt, loneliness, and over-analyzing. But the most important thing that has kept me going is the fact that I don’t want to disappoint myself— the most important person to impress. I gotta keep going and continue to find self-love that at times, to be honest, can be really hard to find.

As I continue to hear everyone tell me why I CAN’T, I will counter that, convincing the world WHY I FRICKIN’ CAN. And I urge you to do the same.

As my queen @rupaulofficial would say: “if you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gon’ love anybody else”. Enjoy these last few days of 2018. 2019, HERE WE COME.

Matcha shortbread cookies with turmeric mascarpone frosting... just in time for the holidays.
YouTube video link in bio :)
#elenabesseryoutube #matchalove #holidaycookies

Trying to stay healthy this holiday season? I’ve got the recipe for you. Bring this to your next dinner party and make your guests very very happy. Link in bio for the full video :)

New bedroom art: Buffalo wings from my favorite wing spot Buff Joe’s, photographed by yours truly.
Remember to always keep it spicy in the bedroom 🤣🌶

Hope everyone is having a sweeeeet Monday. It’s really cloudy in nyc and I need me some sunshine. Sun, where you at?

Shot some cool content this weekend that I’m very excited to show you. Gotta get everything organized before I head home for the holidays.

You can find this granola recipe, and many more on th blog. Link in bio 🤓