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Banoffee pops on the blog today.
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Summa time = tomato time 🍅
Summer tomato toast on the blog.
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About last night... Hanging out in the neighborhood farm with oodles of zoodles. NOT TOO SHABBY 🌻

Happy #nationalrootbeerfloatday!
I did my own take on a float by using nitro cold brew, cold brew that has been charged with nitrogen so it has a creamy texture like Guinness.
Link in bio for the recipe.
Song: “New Happy Day” by fennecbeats
@risebrewingco @benandjerrys

I’m very chic, I know 🌱

A night out with my GURLS can be fun but… let’s be honest, I REALLY love girls’ night IN. Kick back and relax with some kiwi, mint, lime + slightly bubbly, super tasty @GazelaWineUSA. Hell yeah? More like #GazelYEAH! #ad

Hope you’re having a saucy Saturday... exciting video dropping in the next hour, stay tuned 🍒

Adult-sized humans deserve adult-sized pigs in a blanket...jumbo everything bagel pigs in a blanket on the blog.
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Wrapped a great day of shooting ice cream yesterday. Can’t wait to share!
TIP: make a batch in advance so you have one chilled and ready to go. It will save you a ton of time in the long run.

Monday’s suck but sour cherries make me smile.
Sour cherry compote recipe coming soon!

DA LOBSTAH. 🦐 (yes, this is a shrimp, bear with me)
Learned a ton about lobsters last night at the live taping of Trap to Table: Maine Lobster Live. Did you know there are new shell lobsters and hard shell lobsters and they have a different flavor and texture?! I DIDN’T.
#bringinthedancinglobsters #mainelobsterlive

Happy #nationalicecreamday pals.
Here’s a shot of my favorite soft-serve gelato @caffelilia getting wrecked.
Hot tip: you can walk in at any time and order gelato to-go...do it. Trust me.