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  Elena Amputee Model from Russia 🚺 Raising money for a prosthetic leg.

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Friends ! I have decided to ask you for help. I need help with my niece, little Valeria. My own sister's family had an accident, which means my family too. The girl was born prematurely, at 36 weeks. She has a massive haemorrhage in her brain. She recently turned one, but she has very little skills. She doesn't sit, she can’t crawl, she doesn't get up. She needs constant expensive rehabilitation, massages, gymnastics, medicine etc. In the last year, my family has spent a lot of money and now I am having to turn to my friends for help. Valeria love to listen to children's poems, smiling, stories etc. She really wants to live a fuller life. While she is still a baby, there are chances to help her and restore her affected brain. If you would like to help, any amount small or big can be paid into my PayPal account, elenaamputee@gmail.com .
Or you can go to my website elenaamputee.com and click "donate".
I'm attaching a photo of her last discharge from the hospital. The diagnosis my niece was given for her was cerebral palsy. I will be eternally grateful to you for any help.
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Друзья ! Я решилась обратиться к вам за помощью. Нужна помощь моей племяннице, малышке Валерии. В семье моей родной сестры произошло несчастье, а значит в моей семье тоже.. Девочка родилась недоношенной, на 36 неделе, у неё было обширное кровоизлияние в головном мозге. Ей на днях исполнился годик, но умений у неё очень мало. Она не сидит, не ползает, не встаёт.. Ей нужна постоянная дорогостоящая реабилитация, массажи, гимнастика, лекарства.. Уже много денег ушло за год, и сейчас я вынуждена обратиться к своим друзьям за помощью. Малышка любит слушать детские стихи, улыбается.. И она очень хочет жить полноценной жизнью. Пока она ещё маленькая, есть шансы ей помочь и восстановить пострадавший мозг. Если у вас есть возможность, хоть малую сумму перечислите на мой адрес пайпал elenaamputee@gmail.com
Я прилагаю фото последней выписки из больницы. Диагноз ДЦП.
Буду бесконечно признательна вам за любую помощь...
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Воскресенье - повод надеть красное платье ! 💃🏼

New video on my website 🆕 “Kitchen & Bandage” 🍲🍴
My usual day at home, in the kitchen. Cooking, cleaning. I don't use crutches, I jump a lot. Not always everything turns out, I drop something, spill ... My only leg gets tired, I go to rest and bandage the leg and stump in an elastic bandage.

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New clip on my website 🆕 “Pretendering” 🎦
It was my idea to feel without legs. It was difficult and unusual for me. In the video, for the first time in my life, I tie my right leg and try to move, pour water into a glass, climb a chair, get something from the refrigerator. It was interesting to experience all this, but it is difficult.. You want to see how it was..?
#amputeemodel #pretendering #amputeesexy #amputeelady #amputeeleg #cast #legcast #bandage #amputees #amputee #amputeegirl #amputeewoman #amputation #wannabe #elenaamputee #legless


New video 🎦🆕 “Sea” 🌊👙 elenaamputee.com
Earlier in the morning, I walk on the beach in a swimsuit. The day was cloudy, the sea breeze develops hair and creates a light coolness. To keep warm I jump without crutches, running away from the waves. Just enjoying life.
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