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Elena Swegen  Owner/founder/operator of Burraduc Buffalo Dairy and Artisan Cheese. Winston Churchill Fellow 2014

Scenes from this freezing morning while having a coffee: Ewe in 2nd stage labor. Mixed team of canine and ovine midwives. Sunny finale and warm welcome to new baby lamb from extended family #sheep #livestockguardiandog #lgd #lambing #alabai #sredneaziatskayaovtcharka

The Gazebo Experience is on again #Mozzarella and #Ricotta hot from the #cheeseroom and on the way to @blueyscellarsanddeli now

Clover, kikuyu, paspalum pastures are quite dense at Burraduc right now, thanks to all the rains. Not so much of subtropical Setaria at this colder time of year. That is translating into creamier milk and extra fluffy sweet ricotta, made from fresh mozzarella whey today. No Newcastle market for us this weekend but the Gazebo, @thesecretweeklyfarmersmarket @blueyscellarsanddeli are all stocked up with fresh produce! #ricottacheese #whey #buffaloricotta

The lunch at The Dolphin Hotel. Thank you @monty_koludrovic @danielmedcalf @thedolphinsurryhills for celebrating farmers and producers in such a beautiful way.. the atmosphere and the food were really wonderful!๐ŸŒน #deliciousau #deliciousproduceawards2018 #thedolphinhotel

Climbing the mountain is great. Coming down is painful #alummountain

The unconditional whiteness of buffalo feta #fetacheese #fetta #bufala in the making today

Warm delicate smooth pure whey ricotta to indulge in before mozzarella curds are ready to be stretched ๐Ÿ˜‹ #ricotta #whey #bufala #organicdairy #grassfed

Our Sydney friends and customers make different soups with Burraduc Buffalo cheeses and say the combinations are amazing. This Pea soup has our youghurt and Dolcenina cheese. Try your winter favorite soup with any of our fresh cheeses or youghurt available at @bondifarmersmarket on saturday, at @newcastlecityfarmersmarket and @palms_micro_bakery Pacific Palms market on sunday #feta #freshcurd #grassfeddairy #buffalomozzarella

Love call of a buffalo at dawn. A promise and a threat. His harem behind him, silent and curious #lovenature #waterbuffalo

In between these crazy storms and glimpses of sunshine we would like to thank all our amazing customers who made it to our stalls these cold windy mornings. All produce sold out at @bondifarmersmarket and @newcastlecityfarmersmarket. New calves are on their way, milk is flowing and fresh cheeses being made next week!

Is it really World Milk Day? Every day is Milk Day at Burraduc! Pure white grassfed buffalo creamy-ness for our wonderful Newcastle customers to pick up from Andrei and Kristine along with valuable handling tips @newcastlecityfarmersmarket ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ

Scamorza, Dolcenina and Thunderstorms on offer at our farm on the day of The Great Lakes Food Trail - thank you Sonya @cheesethedayau for these nice shots. It may be rainy but never boring! @bondifarmersmarket @featherandboneprovidore @anastasiazolotarev

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