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For the past 5 or so years give or take 1, this is how I’ve spent Father’s Day with my Dad, waving at each other through FaceTime. This year he’s spending Father’s Day in Lyon, Paris. When we talked, he was in the middle of watching the World Cup Germany vs Mexico game while sipping on a beer in a Pub with my Mom and some friends. Last year, I wished him a Happy Father’s Day while he was bike riding in the Bavarian Alps, the year before that maybe Amsterdam? While I could grovel and be sad that I don’t get to spend the day with him, instead I smile and think about how very fortunate I am to have him as my inspiration. He’s sacrificed so much for my family and worked so very hard to achieve happiness and health in his life. He’s the raddest human I know, and I love him so much! Cheers Pops 🍻❤️

When I ask Mixalis what he wants to be when he grows up his answer is always the same, without hesitation he says, “I wanna be like my Baba when I get big!” Imaginative, funny, patient, and kind, I couldn’t have imagined a better Father for my children; It’s no surprise he’s Mixalis Hero. We love you so much Gus❤️. Happy Father’s Day!

So grateful for these Women, and the laughs, quirks, and knowledge we get to share with one another; it’s made all the difference. ❤️

✌🏻🏖 ✈️

Red Cup Club

8am and he’s already wearing a bandaid and sportin’ his green marked up fingers. In a world that can be so dark, this guy’s my shining light. #nevernotdrawing #mixmakesart #smile

Omgoodness my heart is bursting! 😍 #bhcp

King Leonidas 💙

Spring School Photo gettin’ me all Emo 😭 #schoolphoto #lovehimsomuch #dapper

Just two Moms on a Sunday! 🌞 #summervacation

Are you fur real, wild boy? 🐯

When you don’t know exactly 🧐 who’s photobombing who 🤔? #cheerstoyourhealth #saludkids #photobombingconundrum #toddlerfashion #healthykids

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