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E L E N A . 

📚☁️✨This Must Be the Place ✨☁️📚 #heaven

Yup, still drawing Pirates...☠️😳 they've been upgraded with appendages and pirate ships 🚢 though so... #mixmakesart #momlife #toddlertalk #toddlerart #drawing #pirates #artlovers

🐨Sverkos Koalas 🐨

A human napkin, a fixer of all things bad, a doer of all things needing to be done, blood boiling up to the brim of the brain inside but outside as calm as a cucumber, a hugger and a kisser-- Mom's really do possess some super human powers; I'm blessed to be a Mommy. I'm privileged to be surrounded by some pretty kick ass Moms who inspire me on the regs, and proud to call the lady in this picture my Mom. Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms! ❤️ #bringingbackthevillage #mothermusing

rollin' into the weekend like...


Concentration face, learning how to mix some Greek beats on a Monday🎶

Happy Birthday to a woman that I admire and love so much. We've shared so many memorable adventures! Cheers to a lifetime more of friendship and laughs! @natnanu #yournumberonefan #iwouldbethebestboyfriend #sorryyourestuckwithme #bestfriendsthatbecomesistersinlaw #over15yearsofannoyingeachother

totally in awe of the sea turtle today. #loveAOP

Activities include- running, jumping, screaming at each other, followed by hugging each other, laughing together, egging each other on, and sticking up for each other; They're basically a posse.

ALOE THERE 👋🏼😛 #picapica

rollin' up on that baby gull, like, "what's up baby, you fly!?"

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