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Alex Flores 💄Makeup Artist🎨  ᴸᴼᵛᴱᴿ ᴼᶠ ⠖❧∆Яɬ❧⠙ //L.A.//Pro. MUA//HMU; 10yrs- elegancebyalex@gmail.com💌


💎Metallic Magic & Weekend Vibin'💎 -📸: @ktparkerphoto, Styling: @danirucks, Model: @greicesanto for @theindustrymodelmgmtny @electrastartalent & @latalentofficial, MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

It was a really, REALLY good VDay. The celebration isn't over yet!! Stretching out this whole ♡L O V E♡ thing, through the weekend (my weekend starts TODAY)!! Here's to all the Lovers in the world❤🌍🌎🌏❤ -📸: @ktparkerphoto, Styling: @_labyrinth_, Model: @mariahhlee, MUAH/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

Wishing, hoping, & praying for some rain. It's V. much needed PLS.🌧🌫🌧 -📸: @ktparkerphoto, Styling: @shop.uglymoon, Model: @ladaebrookins for @willowmodels, MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

☁️🌾Cloudy Fields🌾☁️ -📸: @ktparkerphoto, Model: @kendalltash for @willowmodels, MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

▒Blurred Lines▒ ~SUPER sneak peek from today, can't wait to share more♡ -📸: @briennemichelle, Body Suit: @bravebabecom, Model: @taylor_cochrane for @ottomodels & @tgstalent, MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

🤸‍♀️🤹‍♀️Recreational°Play🤸‍♀️🤹‍♀️ -📸: @sterlingreed.us, Model: @ctlightss, Styling/MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

∇∅Δ Be nobody's darling. Be an OUTCAST. Qualified to live among your dead ∇∅Δ -📸@ktparkerphoto, Styling: @_labyrinth_, Model: @notofyourworld for @willowmodels, MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

All smiles for @ilodesign💙 -📸: @ktparkerphoto, Styling: @vnsapuccini, Model/Actress: @shaylacabrera, MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

IT'S-A ME!! MARRRIO!! JKkidding. It's me, Alex. I'm alive & collected some pretty nice specimen💎 from today. Giving the smaller ones a soak in some distilled water, and doing the "COKE" experiment on some of the bigger stones I found. Basically I'm letting those soak for about a week or so, to see whats left. Side note; Pretty sure this coke test will keep me from ever taking another sip again🤢. Can't wait so see what I got😁😀😁😀💎💎💎 ((Pyramid Stones in portrait; Pink Quartz, Fluorite, & Amethyst)) - 🌊📸: @underwaterbrienne/@briennemichelle, Model/MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

Going hunting⛏⛰ for some quartz & clinozoisite stones! catch you babes on the flip side💎🤙💋 -📸: @ktparkerphoto, Model: @juliammacie for @statemgmt, MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

░Street vibes forevz░ -📸: @ktparkerphoto, Styling: @shop.uglymoon, Model: @maggiegenzer for @fordmodels, MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

۞Look out weekend, cuz here I come۞ -📸: @ktparkerphoto, Stylist: @_labyrinth_, Model: @effyharvard for @wilhelminamodels @freedommodelsla & @chadwickmodels, MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

⚡Living for the wind & creative feelzzz⚡-📸: @jsrphotos, Model: @kellygoldsackmakeup, MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

💙👖Denim Dreams👖💙 -📸: @ktparkerphoto, Model: @ambivurt for @willowmodels & @sluagency, MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

⚡Thursday Hair Whips⚡ -📸: @ktparkerphoto, Stylist: @_labyrinth_, Model: @notofyourworld for @willowmodels, MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

◤»ˆAngles & Perceptionsˆ«◥ -📸: @ktparkerphoto, Clothing: @shop.uglymoon, Model: @ladaebrookins for @willowmodels, MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

💙🌾Mood🌾💙 -📸: @ktparkerphoto, Clothing: @bright_volumes, Models: @kendalltash for @willowmodels & @juliammacie for @statemgmt, MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

Winter, in LALA°Land🌴☀️ -📸: @sterlingreed.us, Model: @ctlightss, MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

Whenever I get to romp around my old home town and create magic with a phenomenal team of ladies; It's a pretty freaking RAD day to be alive on this giant rock we're all on, floating around in outer space!! Enjoy this little #behindthescenes ditty from today. Can't wait to share more🌵🌾 -📸: @ktparkerphoto, Stylist: @danirucks, Model: @greicesanto for @industrymodels & @latalentofficial, MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

I've been out with the flu for the last week, but seeing this surpise 》*16*《 page spread in @archivethemag (link in bio) helps with all the warm feelzzz. Thank you times {infinity} for this phenomenal feature @archivethemag!!! Immensely honored🙏💙 Can't wait to create more magic this weekend!! -📸: @ktparkerphoto, Stylist: @_labyrinth_, Model: @raqllenas for @fordmodels, MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

Oh, HIIIIII frannnnsss!!! I’m still around, don’t worry! I’ve been working on something extra special with some kick-ass artists, for tomorrow!! I’m seriously so pumped for this one, so stay tuned✨🤘🏼✨ -📸: @ktparkerphoto, Model: @juliammacie for @statemgmt, MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

@oneillhudsonsings KILLLING IT last night @thepeppermintclub!!!! So insanely proud of this gorgeous babe!! If you're not listening to her already, do yourself a SOLID and chirp your lobes to her tunes! To see more from last night, be sure to catch my ♤IG Stories♤!! SLAY ALL DAY GIRL🗡🎙

So excited to catch this babe @oneillhudsonsings, tonight @thepeppermintclub!!! SLLLAAAYYYYY tonight girl♡♤

{{You planted seeds of 🌼love🌼 in the empty spaces of my heart}} -📸: @ktparkerphoto, Stylist: @_labyrinth_, Model: @mariahhlee, MUA/HMU: @elegancebyalex💄🎨

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