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Electric Lettuce  2 locations in PDX with the best in grass, dope, reefer, or whatever the kids are calling it these days. OMMP 18+ / Rec 21+ only. #HighHowAreYou


This Peter Max artwork is the perfect representation of how we feel on Lemon Sour Diesel (LSD) by @prufcultivar, now available at our NE Weidler store. LSD gives you those good body vibes along with its powerful psychedelic cerebral high that gets your mind movin' in all the right ways.
#LSD #lemonsourdiesel #petermax #operatingonahigherfrequency #electriclettuce

There's a lot of evil things coming out of this world but this plant ain't one of 'em. 🌱🌱🌱 #legalizeit #electriclettuce #highhowareyou #sicksadworld

Some more custom pipes by @bombshellglass, just fer us. Starting at $26.
#electriclettuce #operatingonahigherfrequency #highhowareyou

Alllright, allllright, alllllright! (This sunny weather is doin' us right.) #electriclettuce #canyoudigit #operatingonahigherfrequency

Now in stock: Level+ beverages by @enjoylevel. This is a pretty special product, my friends, and it's fairly hard to find right now. These drinks provide just a little THC or CBD that you can casually imbibe in a variety of settings. Starting at $6 per bottle, it's low-priced, low-dose for easy daytime use, and has no calories or added sugar. So, go ahead and enjoy, you health nuts.
#enjoylevel #chooseyourlevel #canyoudigit #electriclettuce

Sun's gonna be out in P-town all weekend, my friends. Grab some green and head for the green. ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ #canyoudigit #operatingonahigherfrequency #electriclettuce

Hello, Marlow Avenue. We are here for your all your reefer needs.
#electriclettuce #canyoudigit #highhowareyou #operatingonahigherfrequency

Happy hump day! Don't forget - 10% off your purchase when you shop between 8-10am every day at our lil' dope shacks. Come celebrate the end of times. ✌🏽
#humpday #wakeandbake #operatingonahigherfrequency #electriclettuce

Good news! For a limited time, we're bringing back a Wake & Bake discount. Get 10% off when you shop from 8am to 10am, every dang day! (Makes it a little easier to Keep on Truckin' through yer week.) ✌🏽 #WakeandBake #KeeponTruckin #RCrumb #OperatingonaHigherFrequency

Happy Mother's Day and endless thanks to all the badass mothers out there. What would us former babies have ever done without you? If the Mom in your life is down with reefer, do us a favor, and toke her up. She (most likely) deserves it.
#badassmother #electriclettuce #operatingonahigherfrequency #happymothersday

Come to Electric Lettuce land, where our boob tube is so old, it'll never be on, yet our record player is always spinning away. If yer lucky, Mr. Coconut will telepathically whisper your fortune (usually has something to do with getting stoned ASAP). #MrCoconut #tuneinturnondropout #electriclettuceWeidler #highhowareyou

Big trees of Pineapple Express by @yerba.buena.farms - in stock at our NE Weidler location. This potent sativa will have your creative juices flowing and your mind 'a' buzzing, my friends.
#ElectricLettuceWeidler #highhowareyou #pineappleexpress #yerbabuena

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