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Electric Lettuce  3 locations in PDX and Oregon City with the best in grass, dope, reefer, and more. Recreational customers 21+ only. #HighHowAreYou


It's easy to pay with CanPay, my friends, instead of having to remember to bring cash or use the ATM. Go to CanPayApp.com on your cell phone and download the @canpaydebit app (it can't be found in the App store.) You'll save 10% on any purchase using CanPay through the end of August.
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Get our Eclipse Supply Kit, available now thru Monday 8/21. One Andrew Jackson ($20, pre-tax) gets you a "Dark Side" 1-gram Pre-Roll from Pruf Cultivar and a 16-gram dark chocolate bar from Serra x Woodblock Chocolate infused with 20mg of THC.

All that's left is to crank up the Floyd, protect your eyes if you're outdoors, and enjoy living under the dark side of the moon for one magical Monday morning.


Available while supplies last. Cannot be combined with other discounts.

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It's a Led Zeppelin and Sherlock pipe kind of day.
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One week until totality, my friends. Where will you be?
#solareclipse #totality #canyoudigit #highhowareyou

Why yes, Captain Kirk, it's true. You CAN pay for weed with your handheld Communicator device (and you'll save 10% when you do, during the month of August)! Go to CanPayApp.com on your cell phone and download the @canpaydebit app (it can't be found in the App store, only in your internet browser.) We accept payment through CanPay at all our locations, so you can say farewell to ATM fees.
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Electric Lettuce Oregon City is a little out of this world, my friends.
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"I'll have what she's having!" And that's probably Panama (AKA Panama Red). Get this rare, 100% sativa landrace in flower form at our Oregon City and Marlow Ave locations or in pre-roll form at any of our stores. This is a limited edition from @yerba.buena.farms, and it's sure to sell out fast, so stop in soon! A classic from the 1960s, Panama will leave you feeling groovy, cosmic, aware, and ecstatic, just like our friend here.
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Feelin groovy at the shag wall in our Oregon City store. How you doin?
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Hot out there; chill in here. Come say hello at Oregon City (1279 Molalla Ave). #operatingonahigherfrequency #electriclettuce #highhowareyou

That's one fine vintage belt buckle.
#canyoudigit #acapulcogold #electriclettuce #beltbuckle

We're as pleased as this lovely lady llama to welcome our new high-CBD strain from @eastforkcultivars -- aptly named Llama Kush. Now through 8/14, get this flower 20% off or as a pre-roll + lighter for $6/each. If you need some soothing CBD to smooth out your day, look no further.
#llamakush #eastforkcultivars #canyoudigit #CBD

The only acceptable "War on Drugs" is the band. Thanks for a great show, @kinkradio and @thewarondrugs .
#TheWarOnDrugs #canyoudigit #electriclettuce

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