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eleanorvontrapp  Former USA Swimmer🇺🇸 Trainer ✨ Coach ✨ Nutrition ✨ Pilates ✨ Cycle ✨ Bodyworker (Ki-Hara) Vegan Athlete🍍 ✉️ Inquiries: ellewtraining@gmail.com

I’ve always considered myself a lone wolf. Feeling separate from everyone, a little different. But after finding my tribe, I realize how much connection and community mean to me and my personal growth. @samanthacerny literally coached me up this wall step by step and captured me at my best. We all deserve that kind of support and love. Who’s got your back and brings out the best in you?!

Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential. - John Maxwell

Sometimes all It takes is a little change of perspective to see yourself more clearly💦🇧🇸🌊

Most of the time we underestimate ourselves. We limit ourselves. We criticize. We downplay our excellence. There’s a kinder, more pleasant, sweeter way to live. Check out my stories where I’ll be sharing tips to step into your POWER 💥✨

Saying No is OKAY. If It doesn’t make you feel good it’s a sure sign it’s not for you. Don’t let ur mental body over ride what ur emotional and physical bodies are communicating to you at all times. We’re designed to feel good and thrive. Keep moving towards people, places and projects that make your whole body say HELL YES✨✨💥I’ll be sharing my Fav Feel Good Tips & People this week in My Story! Let’s Vibrate High TOGETHER 🌺

It’s about small steps and being consistent with time. We expect ourselves to reach our potential over nite and then when that doesn’t happen we feel like a failure and quit. No no no! Don’t be so mean to yourself. You’re glorious!! Follow my stories this week where I’ll share the habits I’m consistent with✨✨

Allow yourself to think outside the box✨✨

Your life is a Creative Expression✨ CREATE. Use It! GO! Vibrate High. Align yourself with people who can enhance the journey. Love them unconditionally! Love YOURSELF. MOVE. Tap in! Focus on the things that make you happy & more Happy Moments will come Ur way💕🦄✨

Here’s an incognito photo @tallymarkprod snapped of me being a Baby about the cold pool when I first got in. It’s funny, I’ve jumped into countless cold pools in my life, and It really never gets easier... BUT, from my experience if U get in and just GO you’ll warm up and in no time feel GOOD. What I’m saying is, don’t let an uncomfortable start deter you from taking action on something you want in your life. EVERYTHING Good is born from uncomfortable.

It’s so easy for me to zoom in and criticize certain aspects of my body... Comparing myself to the countless photoshopped images I’ve been exposed to in my 33 years in this physical body. BUT, it’s really just as easy to zoom out and say, Damn Girl, YESSS!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Living in that second vibration feels MUCH BETTER. From here it’s easier to make It to the next level with my goals rather than cut myself down and then expect to raise myself up. BE KIND to Yourself. You are so damn BEAUTIFUL✨✨

Find that person that flips ur perspective & shifts ur view. That person that meets you at ur vibration and helps raise ur game. True support goes both ways. Sweating It out & working hard is infinitely more fun when you laugh hard & crush goals with other radiant beings. GLOWING UP WITH @samanthacerny ✨✨ I’ve Got U Girl & I Know U Got Me💕

These photos aren’t about vanity or narcissism. They’re proof of TRANSFORMATION... On the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Level. I’m a completely NEW person down to my Cells. EVERYONE deserves this kind of growth, and I want to help lead you there✨

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