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Elle Weberg  Former USA Swimmer🇺🇸 ✨Bodyworker (Ki-Hara) ✨Nutrition✨ Coach/Trainer✨ Empath✨ ✨Sustainable Living Vegan Athlete🥑 ✉️ Inquiries: ellewtraining@gmail.com

BC MAC & Cheese 🍝 COMFORT FOOD ... I’ve created LOADS of Plant Based Recipes over the past 4 years but my hands down, GO TO, one stop shop is @forksoverknives 🤩 These recipes are SIMPLE. They are Oil Free. And most importantly they are FKING DELICIOUS. They are created with your health in mind. So many people think delicious and healthy can’t go hand in hand with food. But I will tell you that is a huge misconception. Food can be such a fun exploration... Open your mind, try something new. Get excited! Feel Good!

Still swooning over this Black Currant Smoothie Bowl featuring @lilyspringsfarm berries from my Northern Wisconsin Holiday Break 🍌✨ Something about all the change + moving forward in January (especially with this being a HUGE transitional Eclipse month) makes my comfort seeking side long for the ease & joy of Holiday Season. Please take extra good care of yourself this next week to aid your physical, emotional, spiritual & mental bodies thru this epic astrological shift✨✨

I’ve been thinking a lot about Habitual Living vs Inspired Living. Habits are so easy to fall into for me. And while hard work and consistency are extremely important I don’t want to be living my life from a place of doing what I did yesterday BC It worked for me in the past. I want to live with more freedom, tapped into source & aligned with my inner being. I want inspiration to lead me, rather than forcing myself to act. I want to do what feels good & what I’m inspired to do in the moment. This is not easy for me, as I have spent most of my life doing the opposite. But the more I align with this source of inspiration, the less effort my life requires and the better I feel. Cheers to Eclipse Season & allowing more JOY & INSPIRATION to Flow✨🌗🌺

I remember looking at this photo when it was taken 5 months ago and feeling so critical of how I looked. Holding myself in comparison to every photo I’ve seen of every girl in my life. As humans we are taught to compare. We are graded. We are categorized. So for me its how do I look compared to these others girls I see. Am I the best? Am I perfect? Am I okay? Am I desirable? I’ve grown so uninterested in this behavior. Yet it’s really hard to shake. It’s an incredibly limited way of living, and it sure doesn’t feel good grading myself like that. I’m working hard on rewiring this within me, which is not easy, BC it’s releasing everything I’ve been conditioned to think and have absorbed thru the collective conscious on female standards of beauty. I’m interested to see how I evolve with this process, especially as a female who will continue to mature and my aesthetic will evolve. Sending HUGE LOVE HUGS to you all 🧚🏽‍♂️🥰🙌🏼

I’ve been looking thru photos from this past summer. The Eclipses & the passing of My Father from physical to non-physical really unleashed some deep, unexpected, internal change. @alizakelly tells me my astrological chart reads that this week is about releasing & that’s all I feel. The best way I can describe what I’m experiencing is ‘an undoing’. A Letting Go of some of the aspects that come along with being an athlete all of my life. Life’s not a competition & it’s not about racing to the finish line. Karmic & familial fears are coming right up to the surface. Worries about abundance & worthiness that are so subtle + buried deep that I was unaware of how much they are a part of shaping my thoughts & beliefs. My body is giving me signs daily that these fears are the only thing standing in my way. That my thoughts and beliefs not only shape my reality but also the way my physical body functions & carries me. This New Moon intention is about openly releasing & letting go Warrior Style. Finding the balance between Ease/Joy/Love & the Fierce Drive within me to express myself thru the life I lead✨✨ Happy Sagittarius New Moon BLOOM 🌺

Here’s a throwback to early Autumn. Simple & delicious. I put on 8 lbs this past 3.5 months. For a girl that’s concerned w being lean, holy fuck that had the potential to mess with me. No scales. No tracking food. & total indulgence all Fall, with some stress eating thrown in there. What I’m really focused on here is the fact that I didn’t freak out when I saw the number on the scale. I didn’t hate myself. I just got back on track + am enjoying the process. This reaction I’m proud of. This is new for me. 6 months ago this would not have sat well with me. I would have had thrown some serious hate at myself. And most importantly I would have never let that weight gain happen as I attached too much self worth to the leanness of my body, which is really fucking insane. Cheers to growth & Cheers to Holiday Treatz 😉Love love, Elle

Drooling looking thru my photos from this past Summer grubs :: Eating ALL the PLANTS🌱 straight from my Local Wisconsin soil @threshing_table_farm 🥔🥬🌶🍋✨Creamy Spicy Potato Salad

Tuscan White Bean & Fennel Soup 🥣🌱 First sign of cold weather + my body asks for me to adjust my diet. Moving away from cold sweet smoothies to warm savory soup. Much ❤️ to @helenatee for sending me this simple recipe. Literally took me 15 minutes tops from start to finish!

Birthday season has me thinking about what’s transpired in the last year. It was a year of vibrationally upping my game. Realizing that my emotions + thoughts were responsible for everything I had manifested to be my current reality. So I started working on feeling good every day. I found methods + teachings/practices that made me vibrate high. With the start of feeling good I grew aware of what was in my current situation that didn’t feel good. The contrast only helped me to know more of what I did want. Now, my work is expecting only the best things to unfold. Trusting that the work has been put in & my desires have been felt. Here’s to letting go + allowing some really great people, places, gigs & outcomes to align✨

Favorite New Toolz.... STOMACH SERIES. First time @mastrostretch laid these moves on my body everything got better. Working with my ribs made me feel like I could BREATHE at my full capacity again. Some people feel the low connective tissue abdominal work all the way up in their HEART CENTER. Good Lord, our bodies are amazing. We all have our battles in life + you better believe they show right-the-fuck-up in our physical vessel. My shoulders are creeping up to my ears these days. But every time I help someone with their tension I’m able to connect to my own, & It becomes a little more manageable + I’m a little more centered✨✨ @ki_hara_resistance_stretching

I’m starting to question why the average human body carries so much tension. Is it our natural tendency, or is it the fast paced lifestyle we live? I think it’s a little of both. Regardless, I live to remove tension from people’s bodies. Standing on a person’s leg, shifting my 145 lbs of weight from foot to foot on a hamstring, is hands down one of my favorite things to do. Feeling a person settle into a slower, more grounded, centered vibration can only be described by me as, Hell Yes. Removing that stored tension, creating space & ease for a person is one of the things that brings me most joy ✨👣 @ki_hara_resistance_stretching

Sweet & Sour CSA Fresh Garlic Green Bean Sauté + Salty Chickpea Raisin Mix😼 Mix It & Throw into Romaine Wraps 🌱🌱✌🏽

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