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Eleanor Lee 李凱馨  大也大不过天 低也低不过地 不计较小事 不理会小人 They call me Happy @eleanorsdiaryx


Unicorns are cool

荣幸能够当珊珂形象代言人💙 Thank You #senka

从前从前的我,也在这里 学表演 准备艺考。
不忘初心。现在回来帮师弟师妹们指导一场戏,自己也很有成就感。谢谢老师对我的信任,把这场戏和这些优秀的孩子 交给我。💛

后来的我 一点都不爱闲着
忙起来是一种幸福 💛

walking around with my little Knight 🐶

It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back ☁️

我的学习委员来了 ❤️ My love and I, in the same school AGAIN ❤️😜

hahahahahahahahahahaha my assistant intro an app for recording videos, and it has this feature for “face sliming” and because I’m turned sideways it couldn’t detect my face and it keeps slimming my ears HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Anyways re-recorded a version, I like singing into the microphone more hahaha.

50 Degrees in here without air condition
You guys have no idea how much it took to film a snow mountain without actual snow! What an incredible experience, even though I had a heat stroke and vomited in front of everyone hahahaha but it was amazing having such amazing friends and talented actors to work side by side with! 💙 do support us! #强风吹拂 #blowinginthewind

Happy place

It’s perfectly ok to listen to sad songs and cry once in awhile

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