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Autumn began whispering weeks ago and summer still has a few gasps left to sing.
As I merge deeper with this land I am taught that there is always the slow like honey transition from season to season. .
Last week I dugout the down comforter and we planted winter veggies that are already sprouting. .
This window feels like time out of time, a time that is all time and no time. .
@veledavesta shared a very intriguing post yesterday about time and ancestry and the illusion of separateness. Her words got me thinking about Autumn as a time of changes, a time of both death and birth, a time when the veils lift so that parallel realms can be accessed. Also check out the program she is offering starting next month (@witchycraftymamabear @elemental.ivy @la.indiaalli I'm thinking about you sisters) about reclaiming ancestral connections. .
Autumn I'm listening to your song of warm days and cold nights. I'm watching your crafty way of being multiplicitous. I'm feeling your call to let go of summer and prepare for winter. 🍃🍂🍁🌾

Here it is. The harvest. No really, this is it. One apple. Ten fruit trees of all sorts and this year there is one apple. And so again the garden teaches me acceptance.

I heard once that seriousness causes reincarnation. Hoping my moss moustache helps me transcend.

Thank you Oregon💚

Lately, I find myself with the words 'Fuck it' in my mind.
No organic strawberries? Fuck it.
Weeds in the garden? Fuck it.
Drama with people? Fuck it.
Nearly severed thumb? Fuck it.
No clean underwear? Fuck it.
The vibration I'm feeling is mirrored to me by the wise hysterical sages. Remember the stories of the cackling hag? Or the feral sadhu? The witch doctor? The shaman?
I'm pretty sure at some point they all said Fuck it.
Fuck all these things we think we must have to survive.
Fuck all the insignificant moments that I over dramatize which then become traumatic because I decided to hold on.
Fuck all the fear, inhibition, judgement and projection.
This is not a proclamation of complacency or an exercising of privilege. This is a deep call from the wild to consciously disengage from thoughts, words and actions that bind me to a way of living that is no life at all. We have allowed the overlords of slavery, manipulation, domination and consumption rule us completely for so long. Fuck it is my freedom cry.
The Wild forest teaches me to not fret- over time I will be a decaying pile of compost and all the things I cried in to my pillow about will dissolve right along with my rotting bones.
I live in the mountains away from the city because traffic and sidewalks and asphalt and power lines all destroy my connection to my creature self. Fuck human american standards of 'culture'.
Fuck it is my mantra of non attachment. Can't wait till I'm a wire haired cackling old hag witch doctor screeching Fuck it into the howling wind👹 #babycrone #babayagaismyhomegirl

Sweet Grace goes to her new home soon💚🐱💚

Brilliant women fill my inner circle and it all started with this Sacred Elder👑 Diana- Healer, Teacher, Culture Bearer, Mother, Grandmother, GoddessMother, Activist, Writer, Dancer...these are the names I call her.
She and I met when I was 19. She facilitated the opening and healing of some of my deepest wounds. She taught me how to sit in Circle, how to hold Space, how to meet all folks with unconditional love, how to believe in the power inherent in the human spirit.
She came to the farm and we spoke of dreams from the past manifest today and seeds of the future that have yet to unfurl.
Diana's teachings echo in my heart space always and everyone person I touch recieves the seeds she planted.
This is how we honor our elders and ancestors, by tending the gardens of their wisdom so that the flowers continue to bloom and bring forth seeds for our children's children.

All of my portals have cats as guardians and guides #lighteningdreamwork #medicinemandalsapprenticeship #mouthofmycave

Eclipse Kisses through the Bougainvillea 🌛☉🌜


The final gasps of summer are the sweetest💛🌸💛

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