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élana camille creates  📍 Canada Illustrator, Hand Letterer, Blogger & Photographer ❤to create, also 😍purses, travel, food, fashion & DIY 🔎#ElanaCamilleCreates

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." And that's the truth. Painted this pretty picture of the Old Town Clock. #ElanaCamilleCreates

Fancy feathers on a Friday ... 💃💃💃 #ElanaCamilleEnRoute #fbf

Took this a few days ago! One of my goals for the year is to work on improving my photography & photo editing skills! Practice, practice, practice. It's not about being perfect, it's about creating a product or photo where I am proud/happy with the end result! Also - my day 2 curls are little cray. Oh well 🙃#ElanaCamilleCreates #throwback

Somewhere over The Rockies ...✈️ Missing this beautiful view. Growing up on the West Coast I took views like this for granted! They take my breath away every time. #ElanaCamilleEnRoute #TravelTuesday

Get motivated! It's Monday! Start of a fresh new week & so much to look forward to! While I would love nothing more than to just sleep in on a day like today (especially since it's a day off for most provinces), looks like my to-do list is calling my name! And practicing my hand lettering is one of those things on my list. Happy Monday all! #ElanaCamilleCreates

The other day I spent the afternoon at @lefrenchfix learning how to make one of my favourite desserts - macarons! I hope that my first at-home batch looks as good as these ones! What flavours do you think I should try on my own? #ElanaCamilleCreates #SweetSunday

Words cannot describe ... ❤️💍 #engaged #isaidyes

Took me forever (I've had quite a few distractions recently ☺️) - but finally finished this illustration! It was one of the looks from @tadashishoji's FW17 collection. I don't know if it was the skirt or the rose-pink outerwear that caught my attention... but it just got me inspired! #ElanaCamilleCreates

Building a Beyoncé flower wall. One paper origami rose at a time. Happy Valentine's Day 💟 #ElanaCamilleCreates

What a sweet sweet Sunday! I find one of the best ways to discover a new place is through food! Had a chance to check out @thecoasthalifax's #HfxDoughBall this morning featuring 10 local bakeries & it was soooo good. This piece of perfection that you see here is from @gateauxrose - I can never pass up a good cupcake! #ElanaCamilleExplores #SweetSunday

Guys ... it's 🍕NATIONAL PIZZA DAY🍕 Reminds me of the pizza days we used to have in elementary school. I so looked forward to those days! Anyone else? And so in honour of this most delicious day, I created a gif. I also painted that lovely watercolour pizza you see raining down in said gif! And now, I'm going to find pizza. Because, all the pizza. Yummmm! #ElanaCamilleCreates #gif

Going over my photos from my recent trip out West & this one just stands out to me right now. Did you know? Fan Tan Alley is the narrowest street in Canada, located in the oldest Chinatown in Canada. It also has the sweetest little shops too! If you're ever in Victoria, you know what to do! #ElanaCamilleCreates #TravelTuesday