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Alberto Aguirre Dominguez  "You can't win a farting contest, unless you're willing to shit your pants." - Bob Parsons

Hahah yo fuck all these barista dudes.

Started at 4:40pm and still got 18 in. I love summer golf!

Pork belly/Shrimp tostada. 😳

Go ahead and love yourself.


Hyped I got to spend the afternoon with young goons! #godson

I get it Carol! You've given up on your dreams, I haven't. Leave me alone! Also, click your crocs three times and head back to New Mexico! Whicho blumpkin ass...

Don't be assholes about it. Lol

"Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Is this not why you are here?! "

What are the odds that this is a multi level marketing pitch? 🤔

"These niggas broke, they opinions don't matter!" #meekmill #winsandlosses

Plus we're the same height.

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