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Elaine Welteroth  ✌🏽RECLAIMING MY TIME💥"Don't be eye candy. Be soul food."💥 Inquiries: info@ewelteroth.com


Countdown to 8p is on...! From a week of hashing out scenes alongside a team of TV writers, to being sent off to produce a script with @chadsand...@grownish episode #4 is actually.finally.HERE. Who’s gonna be watching?! 📝📺🤗 It goes down TONIGHT ON @freeform. Cc: The man who made it all possible @kenyab_in_imax3d

Two more reasons to watch tonight’s episode of @grownish...my lil bro @chadsand and I wrote it!!! 🤗 📝 First TV writing credit, who dis?! THANK YOU to the brilliant creator @kenyab_in_imax3d for giving us the opportunity to run amuck in your writer’s room. Learning from you and your talented team of staff writers was a DREAM COME TRUE. 🙏🏽 Tune in at 8p on @freeform, y’all!

To the @teenvogue Vogue team, past, present, and future: Thank you. You are the lifeblood of an important legacy. You have proven the power of young people to transform media, to disrupt the status quo, to take a stand, and to make the whole world stop and take notice. During a critical turning point in our culture, amidst a backdrop of uncertainty and sometimes even vitriol, this team created history-bending, award-winning, zeitgeist-shifting content. Thanks to all of you, this team will be remembered for standing on the right side of history.

We were the Little Engine That Could that became a freight train. When no one was looking we were the band of outsiders that rolled up our sleeves to build the table we wanted to sit at. And then we made space for others to feel they belonged here, too. Together, we designed a platform that amplifies underrepresented voices and celebrates beauty that defies convention. We tell stories that take back our collective power and redefine the culture of activism and leadership in media. We’ve defied expectations, we’ve shifted the narrative, and we’ve persevered. Again, and again, and again.

It wasn’t easy and it won’t be easy going forward. But what I know for sure is that same spirit of reinvention (rebellion!) that transformed Teen Vogue will live on and I could not have more confidence in the team presiding over the future of this special brand. I will be cheering you on as you continue to soar and reach even higher heights. Y’all are the GOATs! #TeenVogueForever

When I moved to New York City at 21 as an editorial intern, my greatest dream was to become Editor-in-Chief. It was a goal too intimidating to even say aloud. I was convinced it was totally out of reach for someone with no connections, no trust fund, and no fancy clothes. I pursued the path anyway. Eventually, I started believing the vision placed inside of me. I learned to shrug off the fear of failure, and how to refuse the urge to shrink—even when I was asked to.
Now, at 31, God has broken the glass ceiling on all of my wildest childhood dreams. My bucket list is all checked off and somewhere along the way I’ve managed to join the ranks of unstoppable women who’ve, throughout history, stared back into the face of the unknown and decided to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Now, it is time to dream even bigger.

After six life-changing years at Conde Nast, I’ve decided to leave the company. Leading @TeenVogue at a time such as this, alongside some of the most talented people in the industry has been the most rewarding experience of my editorial career. It has helped me discover how to use my voice to empower young people and girls. This will continue to be a major focus for me as I take my next step—because beyond the compelling covers, and groundbreaking conversations we started online, cultivating this incredible community is what I am most proud of.
You are a beautiful, inclusive tribe of thinkers, doers, and dreamers who challenge me to be better every day. Getting to know you, both online and in person, has been the absolute greatest joy of my job. And I’m excited to take you all along for the ride into my next chapter.
What I know now that I didn’t know at 21 is that life is a series of dreams realized. There is no destination, but there will be breakthrough after breakthrough along the way. Our greatest obligation is to keep reaching, to continue growing, to push beyond what seems possible, to live outside the boxes created for us. That is exactly what 2018 is about for me, and for all of us. I’m beyond excited for what the future holds—if 2017 taught us anything, it’s to never underestimate the power of a black woman…✌🏽❤️✊🏽 #TeenVogueForever #ontothenext

Introducing: ISSA WORD WEDNESDAY. Still not over this... 🙌🏽💫 @oprah is queen. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Not at the #goldenglobes, and not even in this @dior gown at the moment BUT I am sitting on my couch in all black solidarity with the women behind the @timesupnow movement who are raising voices and raising hell about abuse, harassment, and discrimination in the workplace. In the Presidential words of @oprah: “A NEW DAY IS ON THE HORIZON...” #timesup ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻 (P.S. I will never get over that speech, but that’s another post.😭)

So long, South Africa—@afropunk, you were EVERYTHING.🇿🇦 Thank you for refueling our souls with your history, your music, and your impeccable style. Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about you while reconnecting with a community that spans the diaspora. Thank you for watering a deep-seated pride in our roots—a pride so resilient that it regenerates without waiting for validation from the outside. Thank you for reminding us that we are all ONE family and we have a home to return to and invest in. I promise, we will be back! And one of my 2018 goals is to bring as many of YOU along as I can...holler in the comments if you’d be down to roll!🙋🏾‍♀️🖤


When you hear it’s 15 degrees in NYC.😎

Screaming CONGRATS from the Motherland to the cast, crew, and creator of @grownish on tonight’s successful debut. I see you already trending #1!! @kenyab_in_imax3d you are VISIONARY. @yarashahidi you are MAGIC. I had the honor of going behind the scenes during the writing and taping process, and all I can say is this show is what we have been waiting for. Read up on it in @teenvogue Vol. 5 (+link in bio). My WiFi in South Africa was too weak to watch live tonight (😭) but you know I’ll be holding it down with a watch party above the clouds on the plane ride home! Who watched tonight?! What did you think of episode 1?! #teamgrownish 📷 @seanthomas_photo for @teenvogue

“Portrait mode was made for black portraiture.” - @museummammy
Jan. 1, 2018 | Soweto, South Africa

An important message from “SO WE TOO”:
“We don’t call ourselves a township. We say Soweto. So-We-Too. Townships were built to make people feel inferior. There is township mentality and there is international mentality. It’s the township mentality that we resist.” - our tour guide dropping gems.🖤✊🏾I feel SO grateful to be experiencing all this Motherland magic with the beautiful #veryblack @afropunk #johannesburg tribe.

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