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Well last night was rough...(understatement). She scream-cried between 11 p.m. and 5:45 a.m. that she wanted to nurse, but they wouldn't let her. They wanted to give her tummy a break from putting anything in there because she's just vomiting it right back up. She wanted to nurse so badly - she did not sleep last night, and I haven't closed my eyes yet at this point.
They finally told me I could nurse her around 6 a.m. this morning and she's already thrown it up... so unfortunately even though she went all night without vomiting we are back to that. Definite blood in vomit now which has been absolutely terrifying and heart wrenching. They believe the lining of her stomach is slightly torn. As a mom, seeing dark brown vomit ooze from your child's mouth is one of the most disturbing things of life.

At around 10am this morning, the G.I doc and a team of doctors here at Randall Children's hospital examined her again and now the plan of action (which is already in action) is as follows:

We have gotten a urine sample via catheter. Waiting on results. Ouch. She is such a trooper and tearfully but sweetly said, "Thank you," to the nurses who helped insert it and told her she did a great job. πŸ˜ͺπŸ’”πŸ‘Ό Next we got a tube put in through nose to tummy (not sure of the technical term) in order to get dye pushed through her Upper G.I. tract. The pediatric radiologist happened to be here today (PRAISE GOD) so he has inserted dye, and has been watching the dye via x-ray as it travels down into her bowels. This process is taking a 2 full hours...and now I know there was a bigger reason God didn't allow Jazzy to sleep last night. She is so tired, she is not putting up a fight, and we are getting her on and off the table for X-ray every 15 minutes without her panicking like she normally would.πŸ™β€πŸ™ If everything looks good, but we still have continued vomiting and no signs of progress, an ultrasound will be our next step. After that, Endoscopy.
I will keep updating as I know more and get results. Thank you, Friends and Family for praying for and thinking of my sweet, strong baby girl, me, Darius, Dave, and my Mom and family.

When you're quarantined in a hospital room for 3 days. None if us can even go into the hallway while here. #getusout

Urgent prayer request: Jazzy's condition has only worsened in terms of pain (scream-crying "owwy mommy help me" for hours) and vomiting has not stopped. They are doing x-rays on her abdomen to make sure there's nothing foreign in her stomach and to make sure there's no bowel obstruction. My heart feels broken and I'm really starting to feel scared.

I don't even know how to update properly at this point - things seem to change quickly. She is back to vomiting and crying, "owwwy..." I guess I spoke to soon. Docs are keeping us overnight again. Thank you all for continued prayers...

Thank God she is finally up and moving...being sweet and silly... Even playing a bit with brother, who has been AMAZING during all of this. However, if she throws up more today or doesn't start drinking water on her own soon, we will have to stay again...#notoutofthewoods

We have to stay the night in the hospital. This pic is from earlier when she only wanted to sit in her stroller while getting a round of IVs. Even on IVs of fluid and Zofran, Jazzy is still vomiting a bit. She will not drink on her own or eat anything. In order for us to go home tomorrow she must wet enough diapers, stop vomiting and eat and drink at least a little. These are the specific prayers we need answered. Also, strength for me. I was already exhausted 3 days ago from this. Thank you all in advance...β€πŸ™

Update on Jazzy: Pediatrician sent us back to the Children's ER for fluids. She is very dehydrated from so much vomiting since Saturday night. Even as we sat in the waiting area at the hospital she continued to throw up. Luckily, she is nursing in this picture and has held it down so far. They are giving her "a full tank" of fluids here and will hopefully be on the mend soon. She is my tough girl...pain tolerance like Mama. No tears during IV insertion or finger prick. They say it is probably a virus "that she could have even gotten, sitting at home." This time of year is just...ugh. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers and love. We feel it.
Updated update: ....So they just came in and said her blood sugar, electrolytes and labs were low enough that she may have to stay overnight. It will depend on how her labs are again after drinking breastmilk (if she holds it down or not) and all the fluids. Prayers still needed please.

This was us at the children's ER early this morning because Jasmine could not stop vomiting from 11pm til 6am. She didn't even close her eyes to sleep once before the meds they gave her kicked in at 6am. Today it continued. Running on less than 2 hours of non-consecutive sleep. It hurts so much to see my child hurting and not be able to help her feel better. Needless to say, prayers are welcomed and greatly appreciated...πŸ™πŸ™

"Get adopted," they said. "It will be fun," they said.

Y'all can't just be reckless like this now that O.J. is out. #ojsimpson

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