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goodlu  Something.

This part is better than the radish itself.

Someday this will be a flower farm. As soon as we are done farming babies.

I'm not going to miss them. I'm not going to miss them. I swear I'm really not going to miss them.

So Summer Way

Browned sugar lavender rhubarb shrub 5/26/17

Magic beans.

I WAS SKURRED (Pay no mind to my dirty garden nails. It's spring)

If I die today it will be from exploding 4 year old kombutcha.

My baby bun is 13 months and 3 days old.

1:26 pm-
Popsicle sticks, puff paint and ghee. Soilless milk tree. Brewing kraut. Drying morels. My broken amber is in the garlic bowl. Drying oregano and a child's discarded too sweet bagel. Dishes always. Grapes for the baby and coffee grinding for future happy mornings.

Bass line. Dead.

This new thing I'm doing... please don't EVER start working at a gourmet pizza shop while on a cleanse. It's not fun. But this pizza is.

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