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gabri.ela. ela. ela.  you’re so special. how did the universe come up with you?

fun fact: when Pom Tris™️ are cold in the morning, they may cluster together in the sunshine for warmth, much like i do at practice

west coast

some weekend sunshine!!

one of us had a growth spurt this year and the other is still 5’3 and hopeful..

behind the scenes: polaroids

sunny meadows 🤗

day trip

did i love our 6 day, 48 hours driving, cross country road trip? yes.
would i do it again? yes.
do i love all the biomes we crossed? no. deserts are only cool for the first 10 minutes. but i did fall in love with the alpine tundra / mountains.

yes we did wake up at 4am to watch the sunrise over the grand canyon after being awake until 1am to watch the milky way, and no we did not know everything was on fire do your research kids

pra SEA calMAR


some hidden beaches on pacific coast highway

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