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Jon Garcia  Sponsored Athlete Of @gymoneinc My wifey my world 🌎@bad_ash5

Today marks 1 year with this beautiful soul and other half of mine. As the older we get the faster time flys people hold you’re loved ones and the ones you cherish very closely and make beautiful memories and watch each other grow old and make beautiful memories. As with each wrinkle that sprouts about is another story you are a part of. I look forward to many more with you baby as our days continue to collide with each other’s smiles and love! #1yearanniversary #ontheroadto20+ #fathertimeisonourside #myworld #myhummingbird #mygorgeouswife

Happy Valentines to my queen the woman that means more to me than she will ever know. As today is just another opportunity to be blessed and lucky I have you’re heart and you’re hand as we continue to make our journey together through this beautiful world of ours. Looking forward to the many more we will have together as we grow old, as we both will live this life to the fullest while we are given the time together and to many more gorgeous memories together and all you’re love. I love you beautiful! #myworld #myvalentines #myunicorn #mylove #mygorgeouswife

When you’re spotting your boy and the angle is just right making me look half decent. Lol Team phat boy and heavy breathing season coming to a close soon enough. Time to see what is under this pink shirt soon enough. Weight scale says fuuuucckkk... get off. 🐷🐷💪🏽 #gymoneinc #makinglegends #spotter #pinkshirt #pinkandblack #thicklife #redemption #newlevelsbringnewdevils #toolpost

A lil throw back to prep files of last year 2018. Excited for this 2019 season coming up. Haven’t decide a show just going to pick one and show up and hope for the best. I’m excited to see the improvements we made. I can guarantee it will be more improved. I’m excited that I won’t have to be taking these at 3:30 in the morning before work and am sure the wifey is to. I have a awesome team behind me cause this sport requires more than you to be successful. It’s everyone else behind the curtains that deserve just as much credit if not more in my eyes. I have many to thank and don’t sleep on me cause we working. Just cause am not posting doesn’t mean I fell off I just like keeping my head down just stuck in tunnel vision! #roadtoredemption #gymoneinc #aimingforthetop #whateverittakes #puttheworkinreapthereward #npc #bodybuilding #npctexas #feedmemore #norestforthewicked #newlevelsbringnewdevils

When people think they eat a lot of food give this a try for fun. This was my first carb up day going into my show starting Wednesday. I enjoyed every bit of it to. It’s simple no craziness keeping things exactly like I ate the whole prep. Thanks to @greg.w.mccoy he was the mastermind behind it all. Looking forward to this next prep with him redemption is upon us! #ifyouthinkyoureeatingalot #icanguarantee #yourenot #thefatboylifechoseme #givememore

Since she has walked in my life it took a turn for the best from starting out as friends to husband and wife. She is a strong woman mentally and physically her desire to be the best at what she does from her powerlifting to just being an amazing wife to being an amazing mom to our fur babies, to me is so contagious and can’t help but love her. she is so beautiful inside and out. I’m just the lucky man she chose to decide to spend her life with and grow old with. We are coming up on another year together and a year of married life and it has been something special excited to keep making memories with you @bad_ash5! #1yearnextmonth #marriedlife #myworld #myunicorn

Exactly how I felt about 2018 is the same way I feel about 2019. SHUT UP everyone talking about how 2018 was so hard blah blah blah most of y’all probably say that every year. You’re not 6ft under so stop bitching. I guarantee the ones that didn’t get to 2019 would love to trade places with you and wouldn’t complain one bit about what most y’all call such a bad year. Most of y’all brought the bad days upon yourself and caused these problems, take responsibility of you’re own life and stop blaming it on that year. You have opportunity just like everyone else make the most of it. You have breathe and a heart beat you should be grateful for another day and year. No new year resolution for me cause my plans have always been the same. An that’s to do what I need to do to get there. It hasn’t changed just cause the year did. #workharder #stopwithexcuses #icanguarantee #thedeadwouldlovetotradeplaces #togetonemoreday #todowhattheylove #justanotheryear #samegoalathand

Every year changes are made, it may be small but small changes overtime add up to the goal at hand. I have been told I would never get as far as I have now. I have been told I wouldn’t be very competitive in this sport. I have had plenty of people doubt me. The only person that didn’t doubt me was me if you believe in yourself and put the work in and have no excuses than you’re potential is endless. I have a support team that helps me deeply and I love deeply. My wife and Bruce and family and Yuri have never doubted me but only pushed me to work harder than I have ever worked. They are my team and back bone, they are my family. #roadto2019 #gymoneinc #werelegendsaremade #improvementswillbemade #bodybuilding #npctexas #npc #roadtothetop #startedatthebottom #nowweaimforthestars #lovemyfamily

Since today is back day with the legend aka Bruce and aka 5 more. I figured I would post a throw back of him putting us threw one arm rows. You don’t have to always go heavy on this movement especially if you’re trying to really get everything you can out the movement. Work the muscle not you’re ego. That face at the end shows my heart was fighting for air or a burger same thing I breath heavy for both. Lol #gymoneinc #icantbreath #highreps #5more #butamtofatforthis #bigback #makingimprovements #comingwithvengeance

Still getting that work done even though boss man Bruce is away this week. Even out of town he still finds a way to torcher me but I love it. This was my 6th set of 8-10 reps followed with 8-10 half reps are (not shown in video). #hacksquats #widowmaker #growlegsgrow #seperatingthemenfromtheboys #wewillbebetternextyear #fatboy #thatpansa #stillhaveabsthough #dontletitfoolyou #arsenalstrength #bestgymintown #myotherhome #bodybuilding #payingmydues

When I look at this picture it says it all. I see true heart and determination and dedication that nothing will stand in her way or mine. I will make sure we are the best we can be at what we do. I guarantee that we will make our mark in what we love. The connection we have with each other most will never get to experience as a couple. I understand her she understands me we both know we stand by one another. This is not a game, this is not about fame put this on our name. This is everything we live for and love! #wewillburryyou #humblebut #weknowwearenotthesame #roadtothedream #wecoming #gymoneinc #dieforthis #togetherwewillbestronger

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