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WOKE 🌏🦍 LIVIN’ W/ INTENTION.  Cert Plant-Based Nutrition 🌱 T. Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition A rich man is not one who has the most but one who needs the least. Recipe eBook👇🏽

When you forget the lyrics to ‘Hey, Soul Sister’ but boo still your number one fan 💗👶🏽 #beatsalullaby

Monkey see, monkey do ❤️👶🏽 I guess Arlo’s watched me drink from my Vitamix jug a few too many times. We have ourselves a wild blueberry, sweet potato, coriander, celery juice, smoothie and Nori monster. None of my food is sacred anymore and I’m loving every minute of it. My little @medicalmedium baby is always on a mission to taste test everything we nourish our bodies with. I see him eye ball all the colours in the fridge every time I open it and I just know I’m in serious trouble once he learns to open it and help himself. After learning what I have and now knowing what I do; it feels so good to be able to raise my little man and educate him right from the start about the importance of nutrient dense foods, health, love, faith and compassion. It suddenly makes every single one of my health struggles worth it. My little miracle, love you to the moon and back. Baby squeak translation to adult is, “Best smoothie ever!”. #love #organic #faith #healthyself #veganbaby #8months

Never hold back your spiritual badassery. You’ve come here to unleash that shit 🦄🌪 #theresamantraforyou

Pretty much 💡💁🏼‍♀️😂

Hungry!? My eBook teaser is now available online. You can find the link in my bio above 📖✨👌🏽
This teaser is comprised of 17 pages with 14 delicious recipes to rock your socks off for only $10 (USD). After several messages asking where my book is the last few months, I decided to put out the eBook teaser whilst I’m writing up the rest of the other recipes. I know there’s a fair few who have been patiently waiting for the whole book to be complete but — Mum life. Figured I’d pop this out for you guys to begin with. Here’s a taste of what’s included👇🏽
All recipes are gluten free, dairy free, plant based/vegan.
Meat can easily be added to meals for those who want that.

• Eggplant Pizza Bites
• Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Buns with Apple Slaw
• Raw Cranberry Slaw
• Lentil Spaghetti Bolognese zoodles
• Pistachio N’ice Cream
• Raw Style Pesto Tart ⠀
• Chewy Choc Chip Cookies ⠀
• Fruitilicious Raw Breakfast Porridge
• Vanilla, Date and Walnut Energy Balls ⠀
• Baked Sweet Potato, Grilled Peach Salsa with my tangy Maple Mayonnaise
..Just to name a few of my regular favourites ✌🏽👌🏽
If you don’t have Paypal, feel free to message me.
#veganrecipes #vegan #plantbased #fitfam #foodporn

What an eye party man 🥝🤲🏽
My recipe eBook is now available online.
You can find the link to it in my bio 📖✨👌🏽
#allthegoodstuff #kiwifruit #gofruityourself

Snuggle bunny 🐰 ILY.
#winter #babyboy #matchymatchy
Link for recipe eBook now in my bio 📖✨👌🏽

Mediocrity; isn’t enough ❤️
#life #happiness #thosefeels #realtalk

Monsanto, ya filthy animals. 🌍
#hellnogmo #earthdayeveryday #organic

Anyone looking for or know someone looking for a stunning white gold diamond engagement/dress ring? I paid for a lifetime care plan when I purchased it though Zamel’s so it comes with certificate, unlimited cleaning (for forever) and a free resizing so we can have it easily resized to the size you need. It’s from Zamel’s New York range and features one large 1ctw princess cut diamond in the centre with 4 other diamonds on either side of it. Think the current size is a K. What can I say? Beautiful ring, bought for the wrong girl. Paid over $7,000. Shoot me a reasonable offer. Please share on your page if you can. Thanks.

It’s official now, no more plastic bags for my shopping. I went from plastic bags to boxes and now I’m set with my organic cotton, reusable bags. You might think whatever, this shit doesn’t affect me but the truth is it does. The plastic pollution doesn't just hurt marine species, it affects us all. When the animals (you’re eating) eat these plastic pieces, dioxin (an endocrine disrupter) and many other toxins are absorbed into their body and passed up the food chain directly into your body. If you think you have thrown bags away, remember; there is no away. Every bag you have ever thrown away is stored in landfill somewhere. Dioxin and other toxins leach out of landfills, further contaminating waterways and oceans. This is not something that you or your family want to be consuming. @take3forthesea
If your health isn’t a good enough reason, thousands of marine animals choke and die from ingesting this plastic. You might like a good choking sometimes, but they don’t.

Help stop the accumulation of plastic in our oceans by using reusable bags and reducing plastic in your other consumer choices as well. Every bag counts and you can help. On another note — i’m seriously impressed with my new @seedandsproutco bags. Believe it or not, there’s 7 massive celeries in that bag on the right. Big thumbs up to never again having to listen to fruit and veg boxes sliding around like crazy in my car boot after market day. Win 🙏🏼🌍🌱
#take3forthesea #seashepherd #organic #earthdayeveryday

Chipotle potato salad 😍🔥
Bed of wild rocket, coriander and snow pea sprouts topped with steamed potatoes, sea salt flakes, diced tomato, red onion, raw garlic, rosemary and my cashew chipotle sauce.
Link for recipe eBook is now in my bio 📖✨👌🏽

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