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Erin Wetzel  The life of a single Mom feeding her babies with art. See what I paint on @ekwetzel_art

One year ago I didn’t know what the hell I was doing at craft fairs. I didn’t know how to set up. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to focus on making. I fumbled over the things I said or clammed up when talking with other vendors. But today I hugged dozens of people I’ve seen since I started working local fairs. I sold out of tons of art prints and sent people home with original paintings. I gave away more free coloring sheets than I can count. And, after I was all packed up and done, I felt like a superhero.
Don’t be afraid of doing things that are new or scary. Just make tons of mistakes; they’re how you learn. And let people see you when you’re vulnerable, because your softness is your greatest source of strength.

When she dresses herself. #toddlerfashion

Holy Moley, you guys. Today my neighbor’s daughter came over to play for a few hours, then Phoebe and Clem spent a few hours at her house, and I finished 8 paintings!!! #momlife #ekwetzel #sloths #stopandsmelltheflowers

Which animal can you see running this waterfront fish shop? I think I might need to draw it!

It’s not like I don’t already have a dozen paintings in the works. 😸 Let’s chase inspiration & start another! #birdsongs #catlife #meow #ekwetzel

The kids were with their grandmother today. 🧒🏻👵🏻👧🏻
I thought: I’ll get so much work done!!! 💪💪💪
I just took a nap. 😝💅💕

I bribed the kids with Netflix and video games to sneak in two hours of painting. #artistmom #wahm #momlife #sloths #slowdown

I spend a lot of time thinking about what it means to be A Wild Thing. There’s an element of danger to it. There’s an element of facing fear. There’s unknowns. Hunger. Exposure. Vulnerability.
Why do we crave these wild things? Why do we crave to feel ourselves in their shoes? Why do we want to put our hearts into the shape of something that’s fighting tooth and nail to survive? Why do we adore these monsters?
Because, let’s face it, a wild thing is a monster. It’s the danger that draws us in, the potential for death that is tamed by some unspeakable tenderness.
I’m haunted by these questions. I don’t have answers. What I have is my paints, and I’ll keep wondering, with each brushstroke, if I’m painting in order to tame something or in an attempt to set something free.
#ekwetzel #artistsoninstagram #wildthing

it’s us, your favs

We’ve been slipping coloring sheets into packages lately 😺😸😽

“Where did you come from?” I ask while they’re giggling in my arms.
“Right there, Mama.” They snuggle into my squishy belly, lifting my shirt to press their cheeks on my skin. “Right there.”

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