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Last night, while I was putting the finishing touches on my new Patreon, I hopped on over to Facebook. I typically dread the Facebook Memories feature (for Reasons™), but this time it reminded me that I first launched my animal personality portraits 3 years ago.
First of all... there must be something about August that sets my creativity aflame. 😂😂😂
But also: I can’t believe it’s been three years! That simultaneously feels like much too short and much too long a time.
So... to commemorate my mini-anniversary, here are photos of people holding their art from me... (plus one of me in the middle). PS: If you snap a photo of yourself with my art and send it to me it will 100% always make my day :))))

I used to think I couldn’t ask for help. Now I realize that being vulnerable is the key to having faith in others as well as myself.
Please help me by becoming a patron of my work. Read more in my latest blog post (link in profile).

watering day

I was upset that I’d let the yard go until the kids discovered the wild blackberries.
On a side note...
It’s pretty wild that Phoebe and Olive (pictured here) have been long distance friends all their lives. What a wild world we live in, thanks to social media. As an 80s girl who remembers mixed tapes and the sound of the fax machine and those numeric strings of the first email addresses, I am often still amazed at how close we can become to kindred spirits who are so far away. #phoebelovesolive

It’s wild to think that when I first joined Instagram I was pregnant with Phoebe. In those early days, all I posted were mom pics: breastfeeding, napping, first steps, first foods.
I never wanted to misrepresent my reality, but I also wanted to make something beautiful. The task of keeping one foot in hardship and one foot in hopefulness has been a challenging one, but I’m glad that I started pursuing an honest voice long before my divorce. I think that honesty has helped me grieve, adapt and heal better.
All I want is to be with my kids, and I’ll do everything it takes to be present in their lives and to take care of their needs. That’s why I work. That’s why I paint. My kids are my inspiration, not only as subjects of my paintings, but also because they are my drive to keep working hard in the first place. My art has been the narrow path forward, allowing me to hold them close. And we get through each day, together, slowly, one step at a time.
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I’m putting the final touches on my fun new project. I promise: if you like my work, you’re gonna LOVE what I have in store! #sneakpeek #staytuned

Thank God for fresh fruit, air conditioning & warm peach-blackberry cobbler on a hot August night. #tellmeimnotalone #cranktheACtoturnonthestove

something new is coming (stay tuned)

So much living happens in the middle places between where we were and where we’re going. #soundtransit

all i wanted was a photo of them with their painting #momlife #stoptakingmypicture #paintingwithkids #artistmom #wetzelwhimsies

Some people will say, when you’re experiencing sadness, that it isn’t “your reality” and happiness will come again. They say that happiness is what’s real.
But that puts too much pressure on happy times to be Happy™ and Real™ and to last.
The truth is sadness and happiness are both transient. They both come and go. Neither of them are “real” in some permanent and reliable way.
But you are real.
You are more real than your hardship, your circumstances, the things that are happening to you. Happiness and sadness will come and go like little boats, and like a bend in the river, experiencing it all running through you: you remain.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. It took me weeks and weeks and weeks to clean up this nook... but look at it now! #quiltforbabywetzel

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