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Ekitzel Wood  I love life, travel, and food! If you would like a recipe for anything I post, ask in the comments!

11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month.
100 years later. .
The words are bound in blood and speak of graves and broken bones. -Jeffrey Fleischman about the Syrian War

#happydiwali to my stomach

I took a croissant making class. @my_french_recipe was an awesome experience and looking forward to the next class!

Today I started the morning at a Korean run pastry shop that sold Czech Kolaches and American Doughnuts, ate a meal with two wonderful strong women determined to make a place for themselves and future women, and finished the night watching Queer Eye instead of fireworks. I was so proud to be American today and proud of the opportunity, learning, humility, and community we are all capable of, let's try a little harder, forgive more readily, and be our brother's and sister's keeper.

Oh heyyyy life in Texas is pretty good.

Dad, thanks for being my Dad.

It's been real Minnesota. Until next time!

In 2010 I went to this tiny town in the Japanese Alps because of Anthony Bourdain. He is a hero for so many that came of age when he came to prominence. I developed a love of food, travel, culture, and language because of many of the interactions he engaged in on in his shows. I sought out restaurants and locations all over the world that he visited. He once said, "I could study China for 30 years and still not know it" and that was a huge motivation for me moving there. I've lived there twice now and I still don't know it, but I love it and it opened me up to so much more than China.
We sadly need to lose some great talent to realize we have a problem. As someone that has had a rough little while, even as someone that can take super hard things, I have had to demand space to mourn and be fragile from people who are the closest to me and love me the most. We are not tolerant enough of fragility, of instability. Where and how do we start to make safe spaces not just for our children to go to school, but for all of us to feel, get support and help we need? Just as we are taught signs of a stroke and how to react, let's learn the signs of mental health and how to get help and destigmatize. It is ok to be broken, it is ok to be mended, and continually to mend and engage in mending and breaking.

Well China, this year has been rough as hell, but I still love you with all my heart and will miss you like crazy.

Simple joys bring comfort on the days you have to make difficult decisions.

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