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Katja Krarup Andersen  Student of religion & gender at Lund Uni. Feminist, mom of 2 girls, 2 fat cats, 100 suffering cactuses and a husband. 🇷🇺 at birth & ✡ at 🖤.

Pearly details from last Friday. It's been so hot for the last few days and Shoshi reversed complitely to being a full-time boobster, eating no food at all, but my milk 🥛 and water💦. She also lost all interest for pacifiers and 🍼, so when I am away she would rather drink my milk from a cup and wait for the real deal full experience(*)(*). Many moms talk about their babies refusing breastfeeding, whilst I feel I'm going to breastfeed this one for quite a long time yet. I breastfed my Zoya until she was 2,5 y.o. untill she weaned herself, I wonder how it will go this time around 😌🤔.

Twinning with my alpaca 😍. We went #alpacatrekking today and it was as much a cutness overload as it sounds. Each of us got her own alpaca, and mine had exactly my hair colour. From now on when people ask how my hair color is called, I'll say it's #alpacablonde. #alpacasofinstagram

The Smile 👼🏼 worth feeling like you have for months been in an experiment aiming to prove that sleep is not a crucial part of human life. #mombie

When your pots are all # freethenipple but you yourself are less enthusiastic about it or why I always blur the nipples on my pictures. It started out as a terribly nice initiative. I couldn’t agree more with the message of the campaign – breasts are not erotic objects in themselves, just as any other part of the body, but modern western culture chose to eroticize this particular part, of though the size or the shape of it has nothing to do with that woman be better suited for childbearing or breastfeeding. Other cultures and ages have judged other body parts way more erotic, such as hair, ankles, feet and, obviously, buttocks. Public breastfeeding is often shamed exactly because of that, people just cannot even imagine that a woman can use her breasts for any other purpose than sexual. The fact that we are able to see other organs that are way more involved it sexual activities, such as lips, and not get constantly aroused by it, is very telling. We are ALL able to see body parts being sexual and non-sexual in different contexts. However, the hashtag was quickly highjacked by individuals wanting to see more sexual content on Instagram, insisting to ONLY see breasts as sexual, and countless pictures of mine were over the years commented by hungry dogs with # freethenipple, obviously not implying the fight for my rights, but their fight to have a moral satisfaction to see my nipples whilst it still stays a “dirty, forbidden” thing. The same goes for many other girls that I follow, who honestly post their breasts with uncensored nipples for #freethenipplemovement, but instead get tons of useless hungry dogs followers, who get a kick out of seeing “the forbidden thing” the forbidden place. Very very few women, I follow, can pull it off (as in @femmeemilie) and I am definitely not one of them. In my case the actual display of breastfeeding, without “the forbidden nipple” works better, because it leaves the hungry dogs hungry and regularly shocked & disgusted. #🐶💦

With my little women 🧝‍♀️👼🏼 I'm wearing @stopstaringclothing;
Zoya's skirt is from @asos

Oh how I love our nordic nature 💚🥒🍄🍃 I'm wearing @mimiholliday

my take on Met's #heavenlybodies 👼🏼 (picture is from last summer)


Sisterly love for the young mackerel 🐟

I really don’t know how to formulate it without attracting a bunch of negative energy into my life, but I’ll try. I collect pretty lingerie, and recently, when showing it off, I have been conscious not to assume any poses that might seem to be “inviting” when I post pictures in it, and be as plain as I can in my facial expression as well. When I am sharing a picture of my lingerie collection I want to share it with my girls, who can relate to the joy of having cute lingerie, the joy of celebrating your body by dressing it in the prettiest things of though it’s fat and ugly (as the inner voice keeps on telling me in order to convince me to starve again), the joy of saying you are good enough just as you are to yourself, with the soft stomach and “extra” 4 kg, the joy of living in “now”. If my wish was to attract auditorium looking for “sexy pictures” I wouldn’t bother saving money for high-end lingerie sets, because for that purpose a crotchless panty for 3$ off aliexpress would do. There is time and place for everything and sometimes voices that are in minority drown in the quire of loud majority, and for that minority to be heard we must make space. I am politely asking my male followers not to comment on my sexual appeal on this picture, because this picture isn’t about that, it is about my relationship to myself and the joy of having pretty things. Don’t steal my joy and make it all about you. Thank you in advance for understanding and support to ALL my followers.

With this picture of my University life I want to wish you happy Labor Day. The labor movements have been fighting for workers’ rights for more than a century and achieved quite a lot in Scandinavia. But today our youngest generation is encouraged not to use any of the benefits and choose the glamourized path of an influencer. It does sound fantastic: you are your own boss and get to earn money on simply being you. But that isn’t true, since in order to earn money you still are employed by somebody else. All your “freetime” you spend looking for other work possibilities, are increasing your qualifications or looking for people you can use to climb higher. There is no such thing as a minimal wage, companies will constantly try to make you work for product and in most cases just ask someone else if you demand pay. The most professional influencers I know work 24/7 and are constantly stressed, under slept, underpaid and most of all have no secure future. There are the very few, who do have that dream life and money in the bank, mostly because they had the benefit of being supported by a partner in the beginning, had a very distinctive talent and impeccable work discipline, but what awaits the most is becoming nothing more than a pusher of affiliate links, being someone who SAYS WHATEVER PAYS MORE and wears whatever pays more. There is always someone who can make the task cheaper, faster and most importantly has no opinions what so ever. In the end you are working all around the clock and are lucky if you are earning a wage that is equal to an average educated 9 to 5 worker, but get no benefits such as sick days, payed child leave and pension or having an opinion.

She is more precious than pearls. How many are the treasures hidden in her like the pearl inside an oyster... From book of Zohar.

Don't listen to the bully in your head. Listen to King Salomon 👆. I'm wearing: @jia_atelier

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