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Katja Krarup Andersen  Theologian, feminist, photographer, blogger, mama & student at Lund University All 📸 made by me 👻Sc: imneverdone Copenhagen, Denmark


Yesterday @twerkqueenlouise and I attended a reading of #metoo testimonies, collected amongst Danish actresses. The project #stopstilheden (stop the silence) started in hopes to find maybe a few hundred women to share their stories, but ended up with having ten times that amount. In fact, so many, that only a fraction of them was read aloud during those two hours.
Everything from sexist remarks and inappropriate touching on set, to women on purpose being told that they are to act in a sex scene only 10 minutes prior, so to leave them no choice or time to think. From drama teachers insisting on seeing their female pupils naked for “educational purposes” to shooting of a rape scene actually turn into rape scene. From countless stories of directors using an interview for a role as an opportunity to turn it into a date to a story of a director turning that interview into a rape and actually being proud of being her first time afterwards. I gathered my strength under the whole reading, thinking of the words of Danish politician Ritt Bjerregaard about crying in public: Crying is a sign of one have given up, one should rather become mad, because when you are mad – you intend to fight. And I, sure as fuck, intended to fight. Only in the end, I imagined that any of those things can happen to my daughters very soon and the tears welled up in my eyes. Because those were not stories about exceptions, those were stories about everyday sexism, a sickness in the heart of our theater & film industry as well as our society. I encourage you to learn more about this campaign in Denmark, if you are Danish or a similar campaign in your country. Sexist behavior must be called out. The abuse of women, the sexual assault of women, the rape of women begins in every day examples of sexism.

Good #caturday to you all 🖤

“Why do you have to be naked?” Is a question at least one woman asks on many pictures of mine. Those aren’t ladies brought up in the tradition of eastern modesty, and those are also the ladies who would wear bikinis on the beach and who do not mind models in lingerie in shop windows.
The answer is simple: You thinking you are entitled to ask me that question is a reason enough on its own.
The question itself IS the problem. I am a grown up, educated woman. I don’t have to have an excuse for being undressed.
Throughout our European history and in many countries around the world today a woman’s body does not belong to herself, and is either the property of her father or her husband. Legislative system in Scandinavia allows women to decide what they are going to do with their bodies. And yet, we, women, do often stand on guard, prepared to police each other as soon as we see others actually using that body. It is programmed deep deep inside our heads, that a woman should be dressed, and can have less clothes on if she is with a man, if she is on a beach and has a youthful, firm, appealing body or if she is very skinny and is trying to sell us some products. In other words, God forbid she enjoys herself in any state she pleases for her own sake.
Why would it be ok for me to be selling you that very same lingerie I’m wearing here, if I was tan, 15 kg lighter and were on a banner in the shop window?! Why should I make my account about anything else than my body? Why is some shitty salad or an even shittier raw-bowl at some shitty café more deserving of being depicted than my body? #HellNo #iwannabetheonetowalkinthesun

So many women have written, asking me about my postpartum weight loss, which obviously is happening. I have gained 24kg/53lbs throughout my pregnancy. So far, I’ve lost 16kg/35lbs since delivery. (Om the pictures I still am about 15kg/33lbs heavier then pre-pregnancy). Yesterday, I realized that none of you have seen me actually being skinny. From the time I wasn’t lifting weights and modeled my body exclusively by extreme dieting and cutting my calories down to as low as 600. I discovered a bunch of old pre-gram selfies, and think I look scary on some of them. The most interesting is though, that never have I been so miserable as at that time, because of constant hunger, constant obsession with food, and unhappiness because of me feeling extraordinary fat. And being convinced that everybody thought the same. At my skinniest I was in fact most unhappy with my weight, isn’t that cray. However, on my complicated relationship with weight, read my blogpost, link in bio. Scroll down for English version.

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The major critique I've received from Danish media over the time has been that there is nothing challenging the normative patriarchal roles in me being undressed. And yet, I daily receive DM's with somebody invoking me to come to my senses for the sake of my new born. A pretty funny one you can read if u slide ➡️. Thus it is apparent to me, that it is still a norm, that a mother per definition is nonsexual. Her sexuality becomes a societal property the moment she becomes 🤰. A mother should be cute, she can be pretty, but definetely not naked. And especially not willingly share pictures in such state. Woman's worth is still measured in terms of her 'apparent purity' and the amount of clothes she has on is viewed to mirror the amount of her sexual partners. There are still plenty of people who will decisively call me a more harmfull mother to my babies, than one that frequently punishes them physically. As for my daughters being ashamed of me, being women themselves I hope God will grant them insight that the worth of a woman is not in how dressed she is. That actual good qualities such as comapassion, devotion, loyalty, intellect, creativity are far more worthy qualities than a blind ability to follow obsolete societal rules. #twomonthspostpartum, bitches 😘


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