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Excited by how I'm being stretched in my newest art class. This work in progress is an homage to Norman Lewis. I love how his abstract work still tells stories. (Because storytellers have my heart). The original of this abstract is about Carnival. Can't you just hear the music and feel the energy? If you don't know Norman Lewis. Google him. Great AA artist. Check out his paintings about Alabama and the March on Washington. #workinprogress #acrylic #normanlewis

10 years. Oh my. My precious Henry. You are so darn smart. And kind. And tender hearted. You managed to get the best of your Dad and me and so few of the junky traits(sorry about the scatterbrained-ness, that's totally my bad). I continue to be amazed at your capacity to love and learn new things. I'm glad I'm yours and you're mine. Happy Birthday Big H!!! #10 #happybirthday #henry #proudmom

Celebrating our sweet Henry tonight for his 10th birthday. Cause it's Henry Eve. #10 #happybirthday #henry

The boys danced and wrestled to Minecraft parody songs while the girls made pixel art. They did switch it up some (because who can resist jamming to a version of Dynamite about Minecraft and making your own perler bear creeper?). #henry #happybirthday #10 #minecraft

3rd grade is the money spot. A great group of kids who are smart, polite, silly, fun and kind. So grateful Henry has found his tribe. Happy Birthday sweet boy! #henry #10

Grateful for our 2 story foyer when there's a 90% chance of storms during Henry's Minecraft 2.0 10th Birthday party. #henry #minecraft #happybirthday

It's approaching bedtime and we've just fed the kids. After they were in a parade. But LET'S GO NUTZ! Goooooo Squirrels! #teamphillips #rva #flyingsquirrels

This reader is ready for her free baseball night!!! #mollie #noideawhatsinherpurse #5goingon15

Thanks FB for reminding me that it's been 4 years since I lost the editor in my head, the mentor of my soul, the momma to my artist heart, my friend. Today and everyday, I am missing you, Doris.

This kid. Even though the game got called early due to rain, he was a champ. Love watching him have fun on the ball field. It's official--I'm in love with this game. #baseball #henry

The joy of being FB friends with your childhood neighbor is you get sent gems like these! And look at her using a themed sheet as a table cloth 20 (30?) years before Pinterest! #tbt #imsorrybutiwascute

Remember how I posted that I forgot about Spring pictures and didn't brush hair and Grace was wearing my jewelry and that it was all a racket because fall pictures had already been bought? And I rejected the notion of buying more pics of my kids? Then my girls brought home these. And CLEARLY I MUST buy them. Now to choose between the garden & azalea green screen backgrounds. (And yes, I still have sons, but C was sick that day and H goes to a different school and yep, I forgot about it and he wore junk that day too...) #mollie #grace

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